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Dress to Impress for Interviews at Every Level

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Dress to Impress for Interviews at Every Level
By admin March 24, 2023
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What does dress to impress for interview


One doesn’t have to be a big fan of fashion to know the impact of our sense of dress on people. Clothes, ornaments, and accessories tell a lot about people. It speaks volumes about the personality, culture, background, gender identity, age, and confidence that a person carries. Nonetheless, one should always feel confident regardless of what one is wearing.

Corporate functions, formal parties and even job interviews demand a specific set of clothes to be worn. They usually demand clothes that are tailored to fit you perfectly. It is extremely important to dress appropriately, to get the job and confidence of people in you.


1)      Keep in mind the type of corporate firm you’re seeking


Always do your research on how and what the company is about. Find out about how the men and women dress. Few firms like their employees dressed professionally while others don’t mind more casual business attire. For instance, a million-dollar corporate firm would not appreciate you in shorts and a top; while a content making firm would not have a problem with you having casual attire. This can be done by visiting the firm or asking ahead of the interview for any such dress codes. If you are not able to get any hint on how to dress up, it’s best to wear professional and conservative attire.


2)      Business and casual attire for women


There are countless clothing options for a woman. Generally, not many firms and companies would prefer someone who is underdressed as that doesn’t fit the column of professionalism.


  • Professional business attire

Generally, a professional attire for a woman consists of tidy dresses, skirt below or to the knee, button down blouses, slacks, woman khaki pants, blazers, long Kurtis and leggings and in some areas sarees. Along with those flats, bellies, heels, typically not more than 3 to 4 inches and loafers can be worn.

  • Causal business attire

This attire is professional yet has a sense of style to it. Contradictory colors can be added. Floral dresses, skirts, jeans, khakis, cardigans can be worn. Any kind of footwear that isn’t tacky can be worn.


3)      Business and casual attire for men


Men’s fashion can be really tricky sometimes. There is a pretty thin line between formal and casual business attires for men.

  • Professional business attire

While dressing formally, dark colors like navy, black and white look professional. They can choose any dark suit or pants with a tie and belt. Ties with patterns and fancy colors should be avoided. Leather belts are recommended. They can also choose shirts with khaki pants. Footwear can include formal shoes, loafers, Oxfords and black sneakers.

  • Casual business attire

While dressing casually as well as professionally, trousers, khakis, button down shirts, polo t-shirts can be worn. They can be accessorized with jackets and coats though not absolutely needed. Along with the footwear mentioned above, sports shoes and boots can be added.


4)      Makeup and accessories


While entering formal settings a full face of makeup and heavy jewelry won’t make a good impression. A primer, foundation, subtle blush and light tint on the lips should be enough to vow them with your charm. Don’t wear earrings, necklaces, rings, watches and bracelets all together. Instead go with either a ring, watch and earrings or a watch, necklace and ring. It’s better to wear as little jewelry as possible. Purses matching the dress or even a lighter contradictory shade can be worn. As for men, belts, ties and watches should rather match the color of the suit. Skip wearing sports shoes to formal interviews.


5)      Grooming and tidiness


Being tidy and well-groomed is a necessity. Going to an interview untidy and with unruly hair could speak negatively about oneself. Hence, this should be taken care of. Check if your clothes are neatly ironed with no creases. Check for any stains or holes. Have a long bath. Men should gel their hair and women should set it to look good. It’s better not to make over-the-top hairstyles. Less is more in job interviews. Nails should be cut and manicured. Don’t go with extremely dry skin or with sweat pouring down your body. Take care to carry a handkerchief. Other than that, polished shoes and a good composer are important. A decent scent of perfume and cologne is advisable.


6.) Basics for the Oops moments


No matter how well groomed you are and are confident to rock the interview, but anything could go amiss at any time. The right strategy would be to have the basics in your tool kit for any situation such as carrying a wet wipe, a nude lipstick and a comb. So, if the cup of tea spills during the interview or is your hairstyle gets extra-blow dried during commuting to the interview spot, your wipe & comb can save your day!


7.) A few quick tips to remember

  • Dress according to the position you wish to get.
  • Stay up to date with current fashion trends.
  • Remember to put your best efforts.
  • Wear simple colors and avoid patterns and flashy colors.
  • Keep comfort at the top of the list and dress in materials keeping climate in mind.
  • Above all, be confident and be positive.

Interviews these days are also held virtually where recruiters are using Zoom, MS Teams or JollyHires job search app to conduct interviews.  Although it takes off pressure from one’s shoulders, still one has to dress at least on the upper half since the focus is solely shifted towards the candidate’s face and their upper wear. Ofcourse, we all remember watching instances during covid times, how people would get 


caught dressed their best on the upper half during interviews & at work, whereas their casual wear would get revealed when they got up or moved from their stationary position. The Covid hangover still continues, and many companies are slowly shifting towards conducting virtual interviews to save their time, so be it virtual or face-to-face, make sure that you are dressed to the T to nail that dream job of yours!