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The Best Things to Do in Idaho

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The Best Things to Do in Idaho
By admin March 20, 2023
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Amazing Things in Idaho


Do you want to know what the best activities to do in Twin Falls, Idaho are? We enjoy travelling to Idaho and have spent considerable time in Southern Idaho.

  1. Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls is the most dramatic natural feature in the Snake River Canyon. These massive falls dubbed the “Niagra of the West,” are 212 feet taller than Niagra. The falls are a few minutes from downtown Twin Falls, making them approachable. Most visitors travel to Shoshone Falls Park, but the falls can also be walking along the scenic Snake River Canyon Trail. If you go to the falls in the spring, you’ll be surprised by how much mist strikes you in the face from the lookout area. After you’ve had your fill of the falls, head to Shoshone Falls Park for a picnic or to soak up some warm sunlight on a sunny day.

  1. Dierkes Lake 

Dierkes Lake is past Shoshone Falls on the Snake River Trail and uses the same parking lot as the falls.  Dierkes Lake is a famous swimming and fishing spot. During the hotter months, this is a great spot to cool off while admiring the scenic Snake River Canyon. There are docks for swimming and granite cliffs for an exhilarating leap. You might even see some rock climbers on the cliffs, with their dependable belay partner, the river, keeping guard from below. 

  1. Centennial Waterfront Park

On Canyon Road, this lush, green, and refreshing park is close to the Canyon Springs Golf Course and Auger Falls Park. It’s ideal for viewing the BASE jumpers taking the plunge from the Perrine Bridge. Boating, both motorised and non-motorized, is accessible, as is a playground for children. There’s even a Zipline course close for an unforgettable view of the Snake River Canyon. With plenty of green grass, picnic tables, and barbecues, it’s simple to while away the day here.  

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  1. Perrine Coulee Falls

There are also excellent views of the Centennial Waterfront Park and golf course. This same path will lead you to Shoshone Falls, which is approximately 8 miles round trip. Details can be here. The view of Perrine Falls from the summit is spectacular, but while you’re down there, make sure to walk to the falls from Centennial Park. The Canyon Springs Road, which leads down to Centennial Park, has a small parking area near the valley level. Park there and stroll back up the road to the waterfall, which you can scramble right up to.

  1. Elevation 486

When in Twin Falls, you MUST visit Elevation 486 for happy hour. The drinks are delicious, and the vistas are breathtaking. While relaxing on their outdoor patio on a clear day, you can see Soldier Mountain and Pommerelle. This is the spot to go if you want a classy yet welcoming restaurant with spectacular views. Elevation 486 has a fantastic happy hour meal and drink menu. In the summer, they have both indoor and outdoor seating, making this a great spot to grab a drink and take in the scenery.

  1. Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls, known for its parks and waterfall, is a city that links to the Snake River and the Greenbelt. The city has a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery. The Twin Falls and Shoshone Falls are two of Idaho Falls’ most renowned waterfalls. The riverside Art Museum of Eastern Idaho and the Museum of Idaho in downtown Idaho Falls are two of the city’s most popular sites. The Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot, outside Idaho Falls, is one of the more unusual activities to do in Idaho. The museum, which is in a former railway depot with a cafe and gift store, has exhibits on the history and cultivation of potatoes in Idaho.

  1. Bruneau Dunes State Park

Bruneau Dunes State Park, renowned for its dunes, is also located on the state’s southwestern border. In reality, it is home to North America’s tallest freestanding dune, which stands at 470 feet. When you explore this area, you won’t believe you’re still in America, let alone Idaho. It’s a great spot to go hiking, climb the dunes, or even sandboard down them. The park also has lakes that are with bass and bluegill, making it ideal for those who love fishing. You can also camp in the park’s campgrounds or gaze up at the night sky from Idaho’s only public telescope, which is within the park.

  1. Yellowstone Bear World

Yellowstone Bear World is a must-see if you’re searching for things to do in Idaho in the spring or summer. It’s a drive-thru zoo and petting zoo (don’t panic, no bears are petted!) with kiddie rides. It’s in Grand Teton National Park, close to Yellowstone, and it’s a great opportunity to see bears in a wild park. If you missed seeing these elusive bears, this is your last opportunity.

  1. Henrys Lake State Park

I’m sorry we didn’t spend more time at this beautiful alpine lake near West Yellowstone. Henrys Lake State Park is in a bowl at 6,470 feet in height, surrounded by 10,000-foot peaks. We arrived late at night after travelling from Sun Valley to Mesa Falls, and we only stayed one night. The sunrise colours and views the next morning were breathtaking, and the halt we made before crossing into Montana was well worth it. Fishing for large trout is very common at Henrys Lake State Park. Book cheap flight to Idaho .