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Exploring the Advantages of Progressive Web Apps for eCommerce Businesses

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web apps for ecommerce businesses
Exploring the Advantages of Progressive Web Apps for eCommerce Businesses
By admin March 31, 2023
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Technology has completely changed how we shop. With more and more users having access to mobile devices, it is the need of the hour to have a platform for users with these devices. Users need a platform with easy navigation and it is easy to be done if you hire Shopify developers for progressive web apps.


It gives faster load times and instant access to content. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the new wave of websites that are getting more conversions and giving an excellent user experience.  Consumer demand for more engaging and relevant user experiences, quick load times, easy access to knowledge, and network independence is growing quickly.


What is PWA


Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, are web apps designed to function on mobile and desktop platforms. It gives flexibility and an app-like experience to users. PWA for eCommerce enables clients to access information regardless of their location or device, which helps you create a more user-friendly site.


They are simply responsive websites that have been enhanced for speed and user-friendliness, making them perfect for companies looking to give their clients an engaging digital experience. eCommerce PWA utilises the simplicity of the website and accessibility of native mobile apps with all the features.


What makes PWAs best for eCommerce business


A website needs to ensure a safe and secure environment and the transmission of data, PWAs must be served over HTTPS. With this, the platform needs to have JSON files and page-specific data installed on the device’s home screen.


A JSON file contains all information about the content including font, colour, symbols, landing page URL etc. It is also helpful in offline mode with quick loading speeds, and push notification delivery. The offline functionality of PWA eCommerce is the same as that of native apps.

It is impossible to ignore the power of native app features and delivery with ease of access that is provided by the eCommerce PWA. it is emerging and can help your eCommerce business increase sales and retention rates with repetitive orders.


What are the advantages of PWA features in eCommerce


Online retail business is all about reaching more users and making conversions easy. With a mobile-optimised website, it is easy to grab the attention of users and keep them engaged. More than 60% of the traffic comes from mobiles and it can help your business in the long run.



Send push notification


With a progressive web app, you can send push notifications like a native app. It helps in reaching customers on mobile for a highly engaging user experience. Traditional marketing is less effective and push notifications can grab attention quickly and regularly to make it more effective.


Home screen installation


It’s easy for users to access progressive web apps because they can be placed on their home screen. These features make it more engaging and give easy accessibility to content. It improves user experience and allows them to notify them constantly for increasing sales.  Without having to deal with the trouble of going through the searching and installing process, this provides the same impact as downloading from an app store.


Quick loading


The demand for a responsive and quick-loading website is increasing. The faster a website loads, the more it converts. In addition to loading faster, PWAs offer a smooth and quick user experience. Additionally, these websites use a lot less disk space on both the server of the company and the user’s device, which results in faster loading times and lower data usage. As a result of the web’s speed and client-side caching like an app, it outperforms on-page loads.

Offline access

PWAs can deliver content without the need for an active internet connection. It works with cache management and offers content without the internet.  A PWA can function exactly like a native app for every device. You need to install it on the desktop and visit the store website before disconnecting, and the PWA will instantly load in your browser. It makes the app and viewing products possible without an internet connection.




eCommerce products get ranked on search results with relevancy and search engine optimisation. With a progressive web app, SEO is improved as it loads faster and comes with mobile-friendly features. Additionally, it provides quick load speeds, lower bounce rates, little data usage, and extremely engaging experiences that help with SEO rankings. Google crawls PWA sites similarly to an AJAX or JavaScript site and gives easy identification methods to index and rank your PWA on top.


Reduced development costs


With a PWA for eCommerce, you can get an app-like infrastructure at a minimal cost. Businesses are creating, maintaining, and marketing up to systems using an omnichannel, multi-job strategy with a responsive website and app for Android and iOS. Full-screen browsing, instant website loads, background loading to the home screen, and little device storage consumption are all examples of PWAs where you can save costs.


Auto updates and no maintenance cost


You can get a PWA without maintaining peak performance at optimal costs. It can update automatically with little data requirements and you can stay updated with the trends. There is no need to pay for app listing and other charges. With this, you won’t need to rely as heavily on the terms and conditions of application stores. A PWA provides better visibility as well.


Get an eCommerce PWA now


PWA development saves money and helps you get an app-like infrastructure. For a smooth and convenient strategy for a PWA for your eCommerce business, taking help from an app development agency London is a great option.


With the PWA, you can give users an app-like experience on a web server, allowing browsing to be done offline, and adding other minor features like push notifications. It is now crucial to develop your company website in a progressive or user-friendly manner and this technology can help. Mobile devices bring the most traffic and they affect the broader e-commerce industry. It is best to have PWA for your business.