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Plan to visit the City of Edmonton

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Plan to visit the City of Edmonton
By admin April 8, 2023
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Visit in Edmonton

If you wish to travel to Edmonton but have no clue regarding this city, this write-up will surely help you out.

Edmonton is the most traveled city offering glorious tourist spots and various adventurous lifestyles packed in amazing sightseers, including a science center, museums, a flourishing mall to stroll to, high-tech buildings, and many more stunning viewpoints.


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Read the list of places that are waiting for you all:


West Edmonton Mall


West Edmonton Mall is a closed entertainment place and the largest shopping mall in Edmonton. Visit this huge area featuring amazing sights and includes a huge aquarium and glorious marine life. This amazing mall also has a spectacular World Waterpark, Dragon’s Tale, Mayfield Toyota, and Adventure Golf. 


William Hawrelak Park


William Hawrelak Park is tucked behind the river valley, which offers a great holiday spot to visit, a fully covered green space. The park is stretched in over 68 hectares which have been named the crown jewel for the city of Edmonton. So hop into this famous park which is also a fantastic tourist spot. 


High-Level Bridge and Streetcar


A high-level bridge and streetcar offer an electrifying experience while riding in a streetcar and let you arrest the most scenic view from the top over the High-Level Bridge. This destination is a must-watchable place and an excellent way to spend your evening in this spot. Enjoy various hypnotic views amidst the cool breeze and the magnificent sunset.


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Royal Alberta Museum


Royal Alberta Museum is a famous tourist spot featuring fossils of Dinosaurs, the largest creatures in the world, and many recreational activities for kids in the museum inside. You will find exhibits of animals’ remains that don’t exist for their study and activities and wide collections of old fauna remains and ecological art. This museum is an enchanting one and offers many activities to enjoy the day with dinosaurs and its related information. Visit this stunning museum with kids and spend their time relishing the spellbinding displays. 


Telus World Of Science


Telus World of Science is a science center featuring forensic, space, robotic science, and several other interesting lookup points. Explore the wonders of science in this high technology advanced science tourist spot that exhibits various science exhibitions where people who are keen on science knowledge visit the most. This science center has many things to adore and learn from numerous science events and meetings organized weekly.


Elk Island National Park


Elk Island National Park is a great park home to animals and plants, including deer, beaver, muskrat, Bison, and some infamous wide varieties of birds. This famous zoo is situated near Edmonton’s east and serves as a perfect holiday destination to visit and spend some hours here. You will love this national park which is also home to more than 200 birds. So hop into this wonderful park with kids and get some time to spend your evenings in this National park while admiring the exotic varieties of habitats here.


So, folks, these were some of the incredible holiday spots in the city. Hope you liked and them and will soon plan a trip to this city with United Airlines Tickets Have a nice holiday and journey!