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A Destination Worth Strolling for Avid Travelers in Bristol

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A Destination Worth Strolling for Avid Travelers in Bristol
By admin March 29, 2023
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Tourists flock to explore the magnificence of England from every corner. The south of England is home to many outstanding tourist attractions, and one such hidden gem in its magical box is Bristol. 


You can plan a trip to Bristol without burning a hole in your wallet with allegiant airline flights and explore this bountiful destination. You can explore untraversed lanes of Bristol feasting your eyes on the rich culture, history, and heritage reflecting from every iconic monument. 


Tourists can witness the unique combination of antique architecture smoothly blend with contemporary art strolling down the museums and art galleries. It offers a perfect getaway for friends, families, and couples to spend quality time and make memories together.


10 Best Places to Visit in Bristol 


Making a travel plan requires a lot of energy and time, so it becomes necessary to outline your itinerary wisely. We know you search a lot before deciding on any destination and booking your flight tickets. Allegiant Airline has prepared a list of the 10 best places to visit in Bristol in case you miss out on anyone. 


  • Clifton Suspension Bridge

The Clifton Suspension Bridge, built in 1864, is a tribute to famous British engineer and designer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. You can conveniently reach Lea Woods, a dazzling vantage point, from Clifton Village through this spectacular bridge. The bridge symbolizes the beauty of the gorgeous city and is a source of pride for the Bristol people. 


Tourists cannot only enjoy the astonishing views but wandering on the 75 m (240 foot) tall bridge spanning over the River Avon and the Avon George is a thrilling experience. You can explore the visitor information center on the Somerset side in Leigh Woods to get a deeper insight into the bridge’s construction and structure. 


You can venture the hiking trail to reach the Clifton observatory, home to an award-winning restaurant serving mouth-watering food to treat your taste buds. The Clifton Suspension Bridge is undoubtedly a thing of beauty, offering immense joy to its visitors! 


You can relax on Clifton Hill and enjoy coffee and snacks while admiring the serenity. You can effortlessly reach the Giant Cave, another camera obscura destination to treat your wanderlust soul and catch sight of flying peregrine falcons above the Clifton side. 


  • Bristol Cathedral


Bristol Cathedral, a standing marvel of architecture, is a worth-a-stop destination on your Bristol trip. This historic building is a sheer fusion of art and architecture. The historical cathedral reaches its contemporary heights after 600 years of dedication and innovation. 


The construction of this stunning cathedral took centuries to acquire its modern form, as the east end of the church, decorated in style by Abbot Knowle, was built between 1298 and 1330. The central tower of the church, built around the 16th century, and the vaulted nave towering west facade, built in the 19th century. 


Originally the church of Saint Augustine Abbey is now known as Bristol Cathedral, and the church acquired the status of a cathedral in 1542. Tourists cannot miss this spectacular destination on their Bristol trip with Allegiant Airlines flights


The cathedral features a rectangular Chapter House with the finest Norman rooms showcasing Norman zigzag patterns, interlacing, and fish scale patterns dating back to 1100.


  • Explore the Works of Banksy 


Allegiant Airlines ticket takes you to this enchanting destination to feast your eyes on the breathtaking art of famous street artist Banksy. Traveler enthusiasts looking for a destination to soothe their wanderlust soul can plan a trip to Bristol to witness the beauty of Banksy’s street art. 


You will experience the thrill of venturing into a treasure hunt across the city to discover a new masterpiece drawn by Banksy. Tourists can explore art exhibits inside the M Shed to catch sight of the Grim Reaper, which was once on the Bristol Harbour


Banksy has painted another art piece at SS Great BritainThe Girl with the Pierced Eardrum, whose pearl earring is replaced by a security alarm. You can spot the Well Hung Lover, a cheating couple hiding from their angry partner, art piece on Frogmore Street. Do you know it is the first legal street art in England?


  • St. Nicks Market


St Nicks Market, also known as St Nicholas Market, operates off the High Street. Tourists can easily access the market from the center of Bristol. You can get a deeper insight into local culture and cuisine by exploring the market. 


Tourists can grab a bite of delicious street food and buy souvenirs from stalls selling hand-crafted local items. Allegiant flights take you to this stunning destination to experience a bit of everything. You can also explore Beware of the Leopard Books to see their vintage book collection. 


  • Bristol Museum and Art Gallery 


Bristol Museum is an association of six unique museums in the gorgeous city. You can take a self-guided tour of the museum and see that the three floors of the museum preserve an extensive collection of Old Masters and exhibit gemstones, dinosaurs, pottery, glass, wildlife, oriental, and Egyptian mummies. 


Bristol Museum and Art Gallery have an entire section devoted to Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his marvelous achievements. Plan a trip to Bristol with Allegiant airlines flights and explore Red Lodge Museum and the Georgian House Museum. 


The Red Lodge Museum is closed from January to April, focuses on human history, and preserves old furniture of the fine Elizabethan room. The Georgian House Museum narrates the story of 18th-century merchants, slaveholders, and sugar plantation owners.


  • SS Great Britain

You have heard about and grown up watching Titanic, but most of you do not know about the longest-passenger ship on earth during the 1800s, SS Great Britain, the world’s first iron-hulled ship. You can reach Bristol at reasonable prices with an Allegiant Airlines ticket and witness this marvel at Spike Island

It is a must-visit destination for history buffs to learn about the heritage of Bristol and explore the dockyard. Isambard Kingdom Brunel built this great vessel in 1843, now lodged at Bristol’s Great Western Dock.


  • Cabot Tower 

Cabot Tower is an iconic landmark of great historical significance, as it celebrates the 400th anniversary of explorer John Cabot’s journey to North America from Bristol. Likewise, allegiant flights take you to this gem destination from every corner. 


The sky-piercing tower nestled on a highland is 105 feet tall, built in 1897, and stands atop Brandon Hill. Tourists can admire the lovely views of the city from the base and reach the top of the hill, climbing the spiral staircase to witness the breathtaking landscapes from the top. 


You can enjoy a leisurely walk in the open lush green terrain at Brandon Hill Park. It is one of the most picturesque picnic destinations in Bristol.


  • Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

Tourists can plan a visit to Bristol during August (summer) to treat the inner child living inside them at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. Allegiant airlines flights recommend you not miss this incredible experience to live the vibrant and unique vibes. 


  • St Mary Redcliff 

St Mary Redcliff is one of the best-preserved iconic monuments of its type in England. The historic church, built in the 13th century, and later renovated in the 15th century, stands on the red cliffs and is known as St Mary Redcliff. 

Queen Elizabeth I visited the stunning city in 1574 and expressed her admiration by saying, “the fairest parish church in England.” Allegiant Airlines ticket takes you to this architectural marvel located south of Floating Harbour. 

St Mary Redcliff showcases the Baroque style architecture and perfectly displays the richness of Bristol’s merchants.


  • Llandoger Trow


Llandoger Trow is a famous triple-gabled half-timbered building built in 1664 on King Street. This iconic landmark is said to be the place where Alexander Selkirk narrated the story of his shipwreck to his companion Daniel Defoe. 


Daniel Defoe later immortalized the saga in Robinson Crusoe. You can reach this historical destination with allegiant flights to immerse in the tales and beauty of this magical destination. 


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Life without dreams would be without any essence of living; likewise, not exploring the beauty of this incredible world while alive never lets you open the window of a dark room inside your heart. Allegiant flights offer cheap tickets to Bristol to turn your travel plans into a spectacular reality and experience the non-obvious.