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  How Should Men Wear Boots? A Style Guide

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leather boots for men
  How Should Men Wear Boots? A Style Guide
By admin March 13, 2023
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Men Wear Boots


When thinking to buy footwear, there are countless fashionable design options available for men ranging from sneakers and oxfords to loafers and mules.


One of the best options is leather boots for men among others. The finest part of winter, in fact, is undoubtedly being able to wear boots. Boot styling is not always as simple as it might seem.


It can occasionally be so scary that buying boots may even be avoided. Hence, it is always suggested to buy high-quality boots from top brands like Birkenstock to avoid any confusion. In this blog, we’ll assist you with how to style boots properly. Read on.


  1. Understand the Variety of Styles

It’s crucial to understand the many sorts of men’s boots before you start shopping. Finding the ideal boots for your unique style will be made easier if you are aware of the various varieties. For instance, one of the most adaptable types of boots is Stalon from Birkenstock. It’s a pull-up boot that is both durable and fashionable.  It looks good in both casual and formal attire. Stalon can be the best men’s formal boots with a quirky blended style.

  1. The Proper Occasion For The Proper Type

The necessity to dress appropriately for the occasion goes without saying. The general consensus is that boots are inappropriate attire for formal occasions. Your choice of boots will determine everything. Your shoe’s substance is crucial in this situation. Suede-like materials have a tendency to look more informal, whilst leather-like materials have a tendency to look more formal.

  1. When to Wear Ankle Boots

One of the most adaptable styles of boots is the men’s ankle boots. These easy-to-wear shoes, which come to or just above the ankle, go with a variety of ensembles, including casual and smart casual ones. You must first decide on your style before you can flaunt a pair of ankle boots. Chukkas and other lace-up styles can also look fashionable, though Chelsea ankle boots are a chic and straightforward option. Choose your boots, then wear them with jeans or pants, a button-up shirt, or a sweater.

  1. Maintain Your Boots

Boots that are dirty never look decent. This applies to all types of shoes, not just boots. Boots are also significantly more expensive than certain other styles of shoes, so maintaining their condition by cleaning them will only benefit you. If you are purchasing high-end leather boots, this is even more crucial. Keeping them dirty will shorten both the life of the boots and your sense of style.

  1. Find the Ideal Boot Size

Choose a pair of boots that are the proper size for your feet to guarantee that you are comfortable while wearing them. Your feet should feel secure and supported when trying on boots. Despite this, you ought to have no trouble or discomfort moving your feet and ankles. Additionally, check that one finger can fit behind your heel and that your toes are not jammed up against the ends of the boots to make sure they are not too small.

  1. Select the Correct Colors

Last but not least, picking the proper color is crucial as well. The majority of people choose men’s black boots since it matches any outfit. Dark browns and blues are far better options, though. These are exactly as adaptable as black, but unquestionably more interesting than black.


There are a number of things to think about while selecting a pair of boots. Your new shoes must not only fit well, feel cozy, and be sturdy, but they must also look attractive. Men’s boots have a variety of options that includes everything from formal to casual style. But BIRKENSTOCK shoes are unrivaled in terms of design, comfort, and practicality. It will undoubtedly acquire a permanent spot on your shoe rack as well as in your heart. Check out the range today