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How to Choose the Right Nail Polish Color for your Skin Tone

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How to Choose the Right Nail Polish Color for your Skin Tone
By admin March 17, 2023
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When it comes to choosing a color for your nails, there is no specific way to do this. Your natural skin tone is your best guide and that’s what you should rely on. You see, there are millions of shades of nail polish brands all over the world, but only a few are suitable for you. Buying beauty products online can be convenient and can offer a wider selection of products than what is available in physical stores. Before buying makeup products online, you can also go through the review that others have mentioned, for a better understanding of the product.


 Why is it essential to match nail polish to your skin tone


Let’s discuss what the ideal shade of paint can accomplish for you before learning how to match nail polish shades to your skin color. The perfect color may make your hands appear younger, your skin appears more tanned, your nails appear longer, and even your fingers appear smaller! If you choose a polish color that doesn’t complement your skin tone, you risk having a dull or washed-out manicure that contrasts either too much or too little with your skin tone. It could appear decent, but it lacks the “wow” aspect that draws compliments.


Swiss Beauty nail polishes are known for their high-quality formulas and wide range of shades. Swiss Beauty nail polishes are easy to apply and offer long-lasting wear. They are also quick-drying, which is a great feature for those who don’t have a lot of time to wait for their nail polish to dry. Overall, Swiss Beauty products are a great choice for those looking for high-quality and affordable beauty products.

Understanding the Skin Tones


Your skin tone should suit the color of your nail polish. Though you may have seen some of the seasonally popular color schemes, not every one of them will look good on you. Various hues complement various skin tones (varying from lighter colors to darkest). You should be aware of your skin’s tone before choosing a nail polish color for your hand.

Shades that are recommended for various types of Skin Tone

  •         Pale Skin Tone – Colors that will enhance the skin’s radiance are required for a pale complexion. It is frequently seen as having a cold skin tone. It is recommended to use pastel shades of pink or blue but stay away from dark hues that may provide an unfavorable contrast. Pastel colors and nudes go well with this kind of skin tone.

  •         Fair Skin Tone – As their complexion can accommodate several tones, women with light skin may choose from a wide array of polish colors. Bright red, orange-red, and yellow-based tones should be avoided since they might overwhelm a pale complexion. But, if you choose to use a classy hue, you must stay away from the green and orange tones.

  •         Tanned Skin Tone – It is preferable to apply a bright color to tanned skin since it can improve your complexion rather than utilizing neutral hues or colors that are comparable to your skin tone. Vivid pink, purple, and blue hues are highly advised. Yellow undertone colors go well with tanned complexion tones. Furthermore, polish in golden hues should be avoided.
  •         Olive Skin Tone – This skin tone can best be matched with either peach or gold. It can also go well with warm undertones of yellow and can look well with blue and silver metallics. Red, deeper purple, and navy-blue colors should be avoided.
  •         Dark Skin Tone – Choose rich hues like mocha, maroon, dark crimson, or dark green if you have a dark complexion. Moreover, softer shades of color like chocolate brown often look the best. White, silver, orange, and anything too pinkish should be avoided since they will make dark skin appear darker, duller, and older.

In the end, picking the right nail polish color for your skin tone is all about experimenting. The only way to figure out which color works best for you is to try a variety of choices, and see what looks you like best. In other words, don’t be afraid to explore, and have a little fun while you’re at it! You might just discover some new shades that you love.