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Exploring the ruins of Hampi and other best things to do

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Exploring the ruins of Hampi and other best things to do
By admin November 23, 2022
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Where is Hampi located


Hampi is located in central east Karnataka near the Andhra Pradesh border. It is 345 km from Bangalore, 371 km from Hyderabad, and about 325 km from Goa by road. This makes Hampi the focal point of all these cities. Hampi is easily accessible by road from most of the nearby cities.


How to reach


There are very few modes of transport that lead directly to Hampi. In most cases, you will have to stop at Hospet (13 km from Hampi) and switch to a bus or auto-rickshaw (costs ₹200) from there. You can use the following options to travel 




Buses are cheap and the best way to travel to Hampi from nearby cities.  They stop at some point during the journey for toilets and refreshments.




Direct train to Hampi. From there you can take auto-rickshaws, taxis, or buses to Hampi. The bus frequency reduces after 7 pm and if you need to cross the Tungabhadra river for accommodation, it is better to reach during the daytime.




There is no direct flight from Hampi to Hospet. The nearest airport to Hampi is Bellary which is 60 km away. Hubli 143 km away is another airport with more frequent connecting flights as compared to other cities.

From the airport, it is best to take a direct taxi to Hampi which you can get outside the airport which costs around ₹3000 for the trip. If you have more time, take a train from Hubli city to Hospet and then a bus.

What to do in Hampi


Hampi temple ruins:-


The ruins of Hampi are the focal point of the city’s glamour. And they are quite glorious considering they were built before the 14th century. In addition to a specific architectural style, a common element of sand-colored granite ties everything together. And since the stones and hills surrounding the city of Hampi have the same texture, I assume you know where the buildings came from.


Take a coracle across the riverside:-


A good way to enjoy Hampi is by taking a ride along the river on a boat. These round cane boats are called coracles and have been an important means of transport in Hampi since the 15th century. A new experience, you can visit the other side of Hampi where you can just relax for a day.


Go on a cycling tour:-


If you don’t feel like walking, you can rent a bicycle and take the trails to most of the ruins in Hampi. Bicycles are available for rent daily. You will need to pay a fee, negotiated with the bicycle rental company before renting a bicycle. Some operators organize cycle trails in Hampi, a great way to explore the city. The best way is you not only get to know about the best places in Hampi. , but you can also enjoy some physical activity as you make your way through the sights.


Stay on a rice field:-


A good way to enjoy relaxation after a trip to Hampi is by staying in one of the many cottages that overlook the rice fields. Most of these cottages offer nice rooms which have all the basic amenities. It is best to spend only a day here as you cannot do much other than watch the sunset and wander through the fields.




Adventure sports are something to enjoy in Hampi. In the city of Hampi, there are several huge boulders where the adventure sport known as bouldering is conducted.

Those who are experienced often visit the place and do some stone pelting. 


Bear watching:-


If you are a wildlife enthusiast, head to the Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary to spot bears. You can book a safari in the sanctuary and learn a bit about the species through a guided tour.

Photography is allowed here but you are advised to keep your distance from the bears. There are special areas with watch towers inside the sanctuary from where you can spot bears.


Visit temples:-


Visiting the temples The best to see is the Vitthal temple. You can also visit the stunning Krishna Temple at Hampi. Hampi Bazaar also has some nice old temples to visit.