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Best Customer Success Tools for Effective Client Management

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effective client management
Best Customer Success Tools for Effective Client Management
By admin November 23, 2022
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Best Tools for Client Management


Over the years, customer culture and customer expectations from the business have changed drastically. As a result, businesses have realized that they have to focus on customers’ success. Furthermore, the companies have also learned that a solid and loyal customer base enhances the business’s value over time. They can do so through the success of the business’s products or services.


You may be baffled by the concept of customer success, which is relatively easy to understand. Customer success is a strategy that businesses have implemented to enable customers to achieve their objectives with products or services. Furthermore, the method focuses on relationship-building with customers while aligning the customer objectives with the goals of the businesses. As a result, that will produce a positive outcome for the customers and business. Effective customer success assists in low customer acquisition costs and offers opportunities for upselling products or services.


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A customer success tool is a software that analyzes customer data to give a detailed outlook about the customers and their account health. As a result, the software reduces the workload of tracking, managing and compiling customer success data. From the data generated by the software, businesses can improve customer retention, sales strategy and customer success rates. Therefore, businesses should have customer success tools.

We know businesses are busy, and we have listed some of the best tools available.


1. Userpilot

Userpilot is primarily for completing the onboarding process of the customers. Furthermore, it assists the customer success team to check how the customers utilize the product or services to achieve the objectives. The analytic feature of the software categorizes the customers based on segments. Furthermore, the customer success team can also improve the in-app experience for the clients by communicating effectively. That would lead to better customer retention and lifetime value. The businesses can also gather feedback from the customers.

2. Vitally

Vitally enables the customer success team to enhance customer experience with data, automation and project management. You will have real-time access to customer health scores. The staff can also track the customer health score from different segments.

The team receives alerts when the customer health score drops. Furthermore, you can effortlessly integrate with most tools available in the market.

3. Helpscout

Customer education is critical for customer success. Helpscout is a cost-effective tool that businesses can use to impart awareness. You can quickly establish a database of information that anyone can access. The software has a live chat feature to give customers real-time assistance.


You can effectively communicate with the customers who actively use the product or services. As a result, you can effectively implement customer retention strategies.

4. eWebinar

eWebinar gives customer engagement strategies a human touch. For instance, automated webinar hosting allows the customers to experience the same warm welcome as a human host. On the bright side, you do not have to take the stress of hosting the webinar. Furthermore, e-Webinar has exceptional features, such as a dashboard to keep track of the data gathering in real-time. You can also further analyze the data gathered live.

Furthermore, you can also monitor how the session gets live-streamed, attendees, watch time and the number of people who attended the whole session.

5. Wootric

One of the essential tasks that a customer success tool does is collecting customer feedback. Wootric collects customer feedback by conducting surveys such as NPS, CSAT and customer effort scores.

The customer success team will have access to qualitative customer feedback from the micro surveys and use the responses in product development. As a result, you can focus on producing a product that the customers need, improving usage and customer retention.

6. Picktime

Picktime is an online appointment scheduling software that many businesses need to enhance customer experience. Picktime organizes the customer schedule by digitalizing the scheduling system, and the software sends automated reminders over email or SMS to the customers. The business can use the software to manage inventory and resources to improve efficiency and productivity. A 24/7 dedicated booking eases customer bookings. The business can receive partial or complete payments with payment gateway integration.

The software creates a centralized booking system that you can access from anywhere. The software is intuitive, and you may make changes effortlessly.

7. HubSpot Service hub

HubSpot service hub is a customer success solution that offers a free plan to a premium plan for businesses. This software includes the following features;

  • A ticket system that handles customer queries and issues logically.
  • A centralized message inbox to share messages and tickets among the team.
  • Gather customer feedback by conducting surveys and analyzing them.
  • Customer satisfaction scores.
  • Creating a database for educational purposes that is self-serving.
  • Customer communication is effortless, with access to the perspective while talking to the customers.
  • Automating the workflow according to the customer feedback.

8. Zendesk

Zendesk is a customer success solution that every business can use to ease the journey. The features include;

  • Multichannel access to the customer with minimal effort.
  • A detailed overview can assist the business to improve.
  • You can customize the ticketing system to give the best possible service to customers.
  • SLA view to keep an eye on the marketing and sales team.

9. Intercom

Intercom assists in creating a platform where you can interact with the customer. The software offers tools that you can use simultaneously. The software gives features, for instance;

  • Live chat support that assists you in serving your customer whenever they need.
  • A sophisticated messaging that targets customers immediately logging onto the website.
  • You can reconnect with the customers using chat-bots.
  • A centralized message income to receive and store customer communication.

10.  Customer success box

Customer success box is a data-powered tool that will help you to understand customer needs by giving insights that can determine what a customer needs. The features include;

  • You can create a common platform where you can access all customer communication.
  • Account health monitoring assists you to understand what the customers need. You will be able to improve your services as a result.
  • Integrating the CRM platform that you currently use to compile customer information to analyze customer satisfaction.
  • Receive alerts if anything goes worn for the customers, and you may offer better services.