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Where you can use and avoid Polished concrete

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Where you can use and avoid Polished concrete
By admin January 13, 2023
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Polished concrete has become a very popular option in complexes that could be residential, commercial, or industrial spaces. This is due to the fact that the flooring is both simple to maintain and inexpensive to purchase. Concrete polishing can be done by the person doing the work themselves or by employing professionals who use specialised equipment.


Where can you use polish


 Concrete floors will crack over some time of being used. The concrete is under continuous pressure, especially the floors. Hence, a small crack can impact the entire slab. These fissures will widen if they are in constant touch with moisture, are exposed to oil, or any combination of the two. Hence, you cannot predict the exact reason why the concrete cracks, but maintenance becomes important to reduce any risk incidence.


The concrete slabs attract dirt, making them dirty and visually not appealing to the eyes. Hence, using polished concrete in residents, apartments and warehouses help enhance environments. Experts say that aesthetics are important for well-being, enhancing mood and promoting productivity. Thus, polishing impacts us in many ways.


The most important part is using the polish in the right area to enhance aesthetics. Thus, selecting the right area is important to make the most of your spending.


  • Patio– In your apartment or other spaces, if you use concrete slabs as a patio, then polishing will help to enhance your area. This is very apt for residents living on the first floor.
  • Entry and Dining ways– The entryway catches visitors’ attention and makes your space more vibrant. If your dining area is adjacent to the entryway, you can also polish this space. It is not only economical, but it becomes easy to clean regularly. 

Do not be concerned that concrete might not support the structure of the building. The buildings are designed and structured with concrete; they can handle the weight of polished concretes. 

  • Hallway– The hallways are practically the most used areas. Thus, using polished concrete helps to hold the traffic coming from to and fro residents and tenants. Despite installing furniture and wheeled equipment, polished concrete is a viable option.

Places where polishing should be avoided


Keep in mind that polished concrete provides you with a non-slip grip. Thus, it cannot be used in various areas of the apartment.


Pool Deck– It might not be a good option for a pool deck. During the summer seasons, the polished concrete will become very hot. Also, areas near the pool decks are used to relax. Therefore, it is usual practise to use oils and lotions, both of which have the potential to render the surface more slippery. Besides, the pool water has high chlorine content, so the surface might change colour, making it look dirtier.


For this reason, you should also avoid using polished concrete in the bathroom as it absorbs oils and stains the surface.


Grilling Area and Kitchen:  Using polished concrete near grilling and cooking will not be a good idea. As oils will be absorbed into floors. After some time, the floor might smell, and you will not be able to remove the stains. 


So, when choosing flooring options, you must consider taking an expert’s help to avoid costly mistakes that impact the aesthetics of the place.


What is the process of polishing concretes


After you have decided on the place and area, you might want to know the process of polishing concrete. The process of polishing concrete is the same as sanding wood. It is advisable to use the services of experts as they use high-end polishing machines. These machines’ diamond discs contribute to the smoothing of the concrete and are used in the process. After it has been glossed, the polish will be used along with the final touches.


The cost of the services is highly reliant on the equipment used. If the area is specialised, then special equipment might be used that increasing the costs. Some common machines are millers, grinders, tile scrapers, shot blasters, scarifies and others. In addition, there are self-machines, but safety measures might be a concern if you do it alone.




Polished concrete gives your floors a finish and makes them look glass-like. It has gained popularity owing to its unique durability and aesthetic appeal. Hence makes it the perfect option for an apartment complex.