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Top Amsterdam Attractions to Visit

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Top Amsterdam Attractions to Visit
By admin December 22, 2022
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Attractions in Amsterdam


Nemo Science Museum


It is possible to go inside the museum, but should you only want to see a beautiful view of Amsterdam, which is unrestricted, go over to the platform for viewing located on the top of the Nemo museum. If you get one day to spend in Amsterdam, visiting an open-air viewing area is a good idea. If the weather turns pleasant, it’s also an ideal spot to lay back and relax on the stairs. It is only possible to visit the Nemo Museum with tickets. If you’re searching for a unique and unforgettable experience, It’s worth spending the money on Nemo Museum tickets.


The Eye Film Museum


The Eye Film Museum is a well-known collection of film archives and exhibitions in Amsterdam’s trendy Noord District. To reach it, walk across Amsterdam Central Station and hop on a no-cost, quick ferry to the other side of the IJ river. To maximize the views, go in the evening to view the city’s skyline at its best.

Eye Film Museum tickets cost EUR11 (students get a discounted rate) and are open on most days from 10 am until 7 pm, with the other areas of the museum open until later. The exhibits feature a variety of short films as well as documentaries. You can relax in the darkness on bean bags, be transported to another time, and be amazed by the effects.


Heineken Experience


Visit the Heineken Experience, the original Heineken(r), while in Amsterdam. The old brewery, which produced Heineken beer until 1988, is one of Amsterdam’s most beloved spots. You can take a self-guided tour of the factory to learn more about Heineken’s history and how the small Dutch brewery became the most popular beer brand in the world. This interactive and fun experience allows you to watch old commercials and individual taste, touch, and smell the key ingredients. You can also indulge in a Heineken tasting. Enjoy two complimentary drinks at the Best Dam Bar after the Heineken(r) Brewery Tour – the perfect way to end a tour about beer. Get your Heineken Experience tickets now to learn more about the history and culture of the best beer company in the world.


Enjoy a tranquil stroll through The Begijnhof


The Begijnhof is a peaceful inner-city spot that tourists often overlook as they rush from one attraction to the next. 

While most of the older homes are currently occupied, small lanes and paths still allow for public access. So don’t be afraid to roam freely, even though they may be occupied. The courtyards are surrounded by the oldest homes in Amsterdam, including the only wooden house remaining from the 14th century. You will be rewarded with beautiful views of green lawns.

The original site was occupied by a community of pious Catholic women (begijnen). Today, the small chapel in the area is open for worship, and the last of these women were buried here in 1971.


Jewish Historical Museum


Four redundant synagogues house the Jewish Historical Museum (Joods Hetorisch Museum). One of these synagogues is the Grote Synagogue. It dates back to 1670. An extensive collection of religious artifacts such as silver Torah containers and Torah robes, decorated Torah headdresses, hangings, and ceremonial canopies are highlights. The white marble Holy Shrine is a particular highlight.

There is also an extensive library at the museum and a kosher eatery in the Obbene Sjoel. Visit their website for details on the museum’s concert program, including candlelight performances by internationally acclaimed artists.


Go Shopping in Kalverstraat and Vlooienmarkt


Every vacation has a time when you need a little shopping therapy. There are many places in Amsterdam where you can shop for luxury goods, local crafts, or souvenirs. The Kalverstraat is the most well-known and busiest, with its many boutiques, galleries and perfumeries, cafes, and restaurants. Although the crowd can sometimes be intimidating, especially on Saturdays, it is a memorable outing.


You can have a different shopping experience at the Vlooienmarkt in Amsterdam, held here since 1886. There are many wares, including antiques, food, and clothes.

The Muntplein is the central square of Amsterdam. This square was once the site of a 15th-century sheep market. The Munttoren (Mint Tower) rises above the court. It dates back to 1672, when Amsterdam was home to the mint for two consecutive years during the French occupation of Utrecht.


Hermitage Amsterdam


Hermitage Amsterdam is another excellent museum location, an outpost of Saint Petersburg.

The museum was opened in 2009 in the Amstelhof, a magnificent old building from the 1680s. It features permanent exhibits focusing on Russia’s long-standing relations with the Netherlands and one that traces the building’s history. A lovely courtyard garden is worth visiting as well as a great restaurant.