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Top 5 Passes to Trek in the Himalayas

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Trek in the Himalayas
Top 5 Passes to Trek in the Himalayas
By admin February 2, 2023
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Himalayas Trek 


A flawless trek within the Indian Himalayan region can be effective only if the path is free of hurdles. However, do not necessarily expect it to be completely hurdle-free as after attaining a certain height, you’ll have to cross paths that have been ridden by boulders as well as narrow ridges, moraines , and occasionally blizzards. This can be more exciting. To traverse a mountain we usually take the shortest route and it is referred to as a mountain pass. The mountain passes allow you to travel through the gap in the mountain or saddle, also known as col. They always provide rough terrain, which can make the trip difficult and hazardous. Continue reading to know about 5 passes to visit the Himalayas.


1. Hampta Pass Trek


If you are a nature lover, Hampta Pass is a fantastic adventure. The terrain changes dramatically at every turn of the hike. You have added to the excitement of climbing a mountain, making the journey even more thrilling. From the top of the Pass, you will see the stark contrast in the landscapes that lie ahead and behind. Plan your trek to Hampta Pass and enjoy five days of diverse landscapes and a breathtaking mountain song. The Trek Hampta Pass is located in the Pir Panjal Range in the Himalayas. It will take you up to 16,000 feet. The Trek is a mix of glaciers, flowing streams, difficult terrains, and in many ways, a fantastic hike that must be on your bucket list.


2. Sar Pass Trek


Sar Pass is among the most relaxing treks in India. It has a diverse range of wildlife and flora as you travel through various streams and offers an array of terrain changes. The base camp for the Trek is Kasol, a top-rated destination for people who are young and energetic. Kasol is located close to the banks of the Parvati River in the Parvati valley. Take a look at the local cuisines available in the various cafes. Kasol is located 5184 feet above sea level. Within the Parvati valley, with the river Parvati flowing along its side. Kasol is the hub of numerous trekking and tours, frequently crowded with adventure enthusiasts, and to enhance their trip, they enjoy the other recreational things to do at Kasol. If you want to trek to Sar Pass don’t forget to read the important things carried for a trek from another blog before booking your tickets.This trekking adventure is an excellent opportunity for first-time trekkers. The balance of adventure and terrain is the primary premise for this hike.


3. Chang La Pass


Chang La pass is situated at an altitude of 5360m ASL within the Ladakh range of the Indian Himalayas. It’s also the 3rd highest motorable mountain pass anywhere in the globe. Based on that, the Tibetan dialect “Chang” means north, and La is a reference to Pass since it is the gateway towards the Changthang plateau. Changthang plateau. Change links Pangong Tso lake to Leh district through Karu & Shakti village. The road that leads to change is extremely narrow and steep. In actuality, Chang La is more challenging than Khardungla’s Pass to traverse. Chang La is also a part of the old silk route, the main route connecting Tibet to Leh to trade essential items. Also, there is a Chang La Baba temple on the top of the mountain, and people often ask for the blessings of Chang La Baba before heading to the next step.


4. Zoji La Pass


Zoji La is one of the most crucial mountain passes within Kashmir Valley due to its proximity to LOC, which is located between India and Pakistan. Zoji La is situated at the highest point of 3599 meters of ASL inside Kashmir valley. Zoji La pass separates Kashmir Valley from Ladakh Valley and closes for seven months a year in winter. The route up to the top is narrow and steep. It is also very slippery in rainy weather, and one should be extra cautious while traveling through this Pass. If you’re traveling from Srinagar to Leh via the Srinagar-Leh highway, Zoji La is the first mountain pass that you’ll come across.


5. Ghunsar Pass


At an altitude of 6,300 m within Himachal Pradesh, Ghunsar Pass is yet another possibility for trekkers to discover the undiscovered trails that are found in Himachal Pradesh. The hike from Ghunsar Pass follows the same path as that of Manirang Pass and thereafter the trail descends to Sopona and then climbs an uphill climb towards Ghunsar Pass. You can also trek through Larsa Way Pass via Sapona which is followed by Mane, Khar and Tiling. Another trek located in Himachal Pradesh that starts with Puh begins with that of the Charang Ghati trek. The trek passes through remote villages, such as Labrang, Morang and Kannu.