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Your Ultimate Guide to Arkansas Trip

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Your Ultimate Guide to Arkansas Trip
By admin February 20, 2023
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Guide to Arkansas Trip 


Without a doubt, Arkansas is a lovely place to visit. The answer to why Arkansas is The Natural State is at the top of this list. There are far too many parks, hiking trails, rivers, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, and other outdoor attractions to list. If you enjoy the great outdoors, Arkansas has plenty to offer. If you are not the outdoorsy type, there is still plenty to do with your family. Arkansas is abundant in natural beauty, culture, heritage, entertainment, and recreational opportunities.


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  1. Crater of Diamonds State Park

Crater of Diamonds Nature Preserve is a must-see among Arkansas’ outdoor sights. This is one of the most unusual places in Arkansas to visit. Diamond Crater is a volcanoes crater in which visitors can go gemstone hunting. The 37-acre field can be and searched on foot. Visitors may bring or rent mining equipment, except for motorised mining equipment. The best part is that you can keep any diamonds or gems you find for free. 

  1. Quigley’s Castle

Quigley’s Castle is most likely the oddest Arkansas tourist attraction you’ll ever see. The Quigley family, an eclectic family of collectors with big plans for their family home, owns the house. The house is of wood from the land it sits on and has 28 massive windows that look out over the property. The vision of the family would have been to bring outer surface in, and they were effective. The grounds of the property are lush and colourful, with 400 perennials of various lush and colourful flowers. Quigley’s Castle is at the top of Arkansas’s list of fun things to do.


  1. Peppersauce Ghost Town

Peppersauce was a trading post with a transient population. Peppersauce Ghost Town, which is (pun intended) with taverns, has a shady reputation. Although the town thrived for a time, by the 1960s it had been completely abandoned. Peppersauce Ghost Town is a popular haunt for both tourists and locals. Peppersauce Ghost Town is one of many Arkansas attractions that we recommend visiting.

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  1. Billy Bass Adoption Center

A visit to this first-of-its-kind adoption centre is one of many enjoyable things to do in The Natural State. That’s when she had the brilliant idea to create a Billy Bass cemetery in her restaurant. Visitors passing through Arkansas can now pay their respects. The best part about visiting the Adoption Center is that you are almost going to get a taste of authentic East Texas fish.


  1. Pivot Rock & Natural Bridge

Pivot Rock & Natural Bridge, one of Arkansas’ many unique places, is a roadside attraction that draws visitors from far and wide. Other geological anomalies exist on the property also to the unusual rock formations. Pivot Rock & Natural Bridge is a minor roadside attraction that you’ll pass through. Families and dogs are welcome; this is a great spot to pull over and stretch your legs while driving through Arkansas.


  1. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

This incredible wildlife sanctuary has been saving exotic cats for many years. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is a haven for orphaned or abused big cats. The refuge accepts only animals in need of sanctuary; it is not a zoo and does not profit or exploit its animals. You can marvel at the beauty of rescued lions, tigers, bears, and other animals during your visit to the refuge. You are welcome to walk around the grounds, watch the feedings, and photograph the magnificent animals. 100 rescued animals live at the sanctuary, which can be when visiting one of the many notable points of interest.


  1. Pinnacle Mountain State Park

The views of the mountains and the lake from Pinnacle Mountain State Park are breathtaking. With so many outdoor activities available in one location, this Arkansas must-do should be at the top of your list. Pinnacle Mountain, located outside of the state capital of Little Rock, serves as the park’s focal point. The park serves as a backdrop for so many outdoor activities that visitors can see why Arkansas is The Natural State.


  1. Walmart Museum

Walmart, America’s favourite department store, deserves to be remembered. The Walmart Museum in Arkansas honours the store’s roots and history. In 1990, the Walmart Museum opened to commemorate the store’s colourful history. The museum will educate you on the Walton family’s humble beginnings, the founding of the first Walmart, and Sam Walton’s success story. Artifacts from the Walton family’s early business ventures as owners of Walton’s 5&10 are also on display. If you’ve ever shopped at a department store, you’ll love this museum. Also, the museum has an excellent cafe.


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