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What Is Public Administration? Degrees Salaries & More

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Public Administration
What Is Public Administration? Degrees Salaries & More
By admin May 8, 2022
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If you are considering getting a degree in public administration or you already have one, the next step is working out what you want to do with it. Public administration is a broad field, and new degree-seekers or professionals who are new to the field can get pretty confused. Public administration degree programs prepare students for careers that serve the public through policy implementation in various areas. Here’s what this program offers.

What is public administration?

Public administration is an integral part of various public service agencies, including education, healthcare, and non-profit organizations focusing on social change. These elements can promote change in a section or the entire society. As a result, public administration professionals have the skills to manage government roles at all levels, whether local, state, or federal. Some of the skills gained here include program and project management, which are pivotal in the private sector.

What public administration degrees can you pursue?

Undergraduate and graduate public administration degrees are offered at most colleges and universities. A Bachelor’s in public admin online covers the core and advanced public administration concepts, preparing learners for various careers. Here are the degrees you can pursue in public administration.

Associate degree in public administration

An associate degree in public administration focuses on the essential roles of public administrators at various levels. These include local duties like state administration jobs, federal public sector, and city manager jobs. Courses for local, state, and federal government jobs. They further dive deeper into program assessment and non-profit management. Associate degree holders can work as accounting or city clerks and administrative assistants.

Bachelor’s degree in public administration

Bachelors in public admin online can work entry-level jobs in public, private, or non-profit. The degree focuses on research, analytical, and critical thinking skills. The majors in this program focus on policy analysis, public program evaluation, and study policy analysis. Other concentrations include emergency, financial and public management.

Full-time students study for four years, and once they complete the program, they have to take general education requirements for problem-solving skills.

Master’s degree in public administration

The MPA is the most popular public administration degree after the Bachelor’s public admin online. A master of public administration focuses on graduate-level training for public service jobs. Students are taught about evaluating public policies, researching community needs, designing strategic plans, and managing budgets in the public sector. The research projects and thesis helps learners to build analytical skills.

Doctoral degree in public administration

A doctoral degree in public administration emphasizes research and leadership positions in public administration. Students study theoretical and applied public administration while conducting research within the respective focus areas. In addition, some programs train students to be practitioners, and others build academic training for students to graduate into professors.

Every Ph.D. candidate has to write dissertations and pass their exams. The degree can take three years on a full-time basis. Graduates can work in high-profile jobs as program directors, public policy researchers, public administration professors, and city managers.

What jobs can you work as a public administration graduate?

Chief executive officer

Chief executive officers (CEOs) take the higher positions in the private sector. These directors are in charge of daily company operations and formulate strategies for goal attainment and reaching deadlines.

Potential earning$179,520 – $208,000

Financial manager

Financial managers monitor the entire financial health of an organization. Their roles include planning and organizing financial decisions that can impact the overall business performance.

Potential salary$131,710 – $158,820

Human Resources Manager

The human resource manager oversees the administrative business functions and manages information. Their role is to plan, coordinate and implement various administrative factors for a successful business. In addition, they manage employee salaries and benefits and assist in strategic planning.

Potential salary$126,230 – $133,980

Executive Director

Executive directors primarily work in non-profit organizations as they oversee the company’s functions. They are responsible for hiring employees and managing the budget and the staff.

Potential salary: $98,980 – $179,520

Medical/Health Service Manager

Medical/health service managers ensure smooth operation in medical centers and hospitals. They oversee the staff, coordinate services, and implement effective policies.

Potential salary: $119,450 – $205,620

Earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree in public administration opens you to numerous career opportunities. Even if you are already working in the field, you can study through online MPA programs to improve your credentials. In addition, earning an extra degree will place you in a higher position in the job market.