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What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

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white shaker kitchen cabinets
What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets
By admin October 28, 2022
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White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets


No matter whether you are planning a home renovation or you are in the process to search for your dream house, you will have many decisions to make. There is hardware to select, paint colors to choose from, and even decisions to make regarding the design and layout that will be suitable for you. 

Rather than being overwhelmed by the many decisions you have to make, try dealing with one room at a time. The kitchen is the most active hub of your house. So, let’s start with it. It is one part of the house where design and layout choices matter the most. 

When it comes to choosing the cabinets, white shaker kitchen cabinets are the most popular choice. But they are also the most hotly debated topic in your remodeling project. So, we are going to take a look at the pros and cons of white shaker cabinets for the kitchen. 



  • Crisp Classic and Clean


White shaker cabinets are taken to be the chameleons of the kitchen style and design world. They go with all types of styles, whether it is classy or modern. They serve as a subtle backdrop for highlighting all unique décor or features. 


Choosing white kitchen cabinets can make your decision-making process easier. You might mostly have a white kitchen, you don’t have to worry if the countertops are going to match or if the paint colors will clash. Classic and crisp cabinets can balance the shade of quartz or granite. You can choose bright, saturated, or muted countertops or colors that will serve as a classic and sophisticated background. 


  • Stands the Test of Time


White shaker kitchen is like a little black dress and is never going to go out of style. Flip through any home décor magazine from the last 50 years and you will find some great white cabinets on display that look timeless and pristine. 


With times, trends come and go, and a white kitchen cabinet will be that part of the house that will not feel unfashionable or dated. 


Rather than spending money revamping the kitchen cabinets to catch up with each passing trend, you might consider investing in a white shaker cabinet and saving money and time. White cabinets will withstand any trends without making your home décor look old.


  • Light Reflects and Makes the Space Look Bigger


Light and bright cabinets can reflect sunlight and make your kitchen appear more pristine and larger than it actually is. In case your kitchen is small, white cabinets will give you the illusion of a bigger space. Invest money in white cabinets than any other types of shaker cabinets. It is an affordable way to make your kitchen appear more expensive. 


If you have well-placed windows in the kitchen, lighter cabinets are going to look the best and allow natural light to come in for a major part of the day. The cabinet’s brightness will create a reflective surface, which lets light bounce around the room. 



  • Gets Dirty


When you install white cabinets, they are clean and crisp. But they do not always age gracefully. White full kitchen set cannot hide everyday grime, such as smudges or fingerprints. The light color will only make things more noticeable. White can get dirty much quicker.


  • Feels Clinical and Cold


White cabinets have a utilitarian and clinical feel. If you mostly see white kitchen, you will end up making comparisons to a restaurant. What’s even worse is that the white might remind you of a dentist’s office or a clinic. Neither is going to be a good option. 


In case you want the kitchen to be warm and welcoming, you might want to limit items that can make your place seem scientific and cold.