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Top 5 AC Companies in India 2022

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top 5 ac companies in india 2022
Top 5 AC Companies in India 2022
By admin November 30, 2022
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Air-conditioners (ACs) are electrical devices for cooling air and controlling humidity in the summers. Harsh as the summers are in India, it becomes a necessity to purchase an AC to survive the heat while you are also able to complete your work. 


As might have noticed in the summers it is difficult to do any work, particularly, mental. For smooth functioning of your brain the temperature must not climb above 30 degree Centigrade.

Since the mind operates out of our brain, we must provide with an optimal atmosphere for the brain. The best way to do so is getting an AC. There are many companies in the Indian market that manufacturing and supplying the product. 


Different companies build the electrical device with their unique designs and technologies. Their end- results also differ as some of them are more efficient at cooling yet others are more effective in tackling stifling effects of humidity. 


Similarly, some of them are very efficient since they consume less power to generate cooling. However, the point is what you are looking for in an AC. It is important you are clear in your mind regarding what you want. 


In the present article, we will focus on the top 5 air conditioning companies in India. Let me remind you that these 5 companies use the most advanced air-conditioning technology, designing and materials in the fabricating of these machineries. 


I want to assure the customers that I will choose and present the best five AC companies based on criteria of quality, materials, pricing, efficiency, reliability and durability.


For assessing the quality of companies, you would also like to know my qualifications. Decidedly, you have the right to know on what expertise I am presenting my selection of companies.  After graduating B.Tech in electrical engineering, I joined the No. 1 brand in oxygen generation plant manufacturers as a trainee engineer.  


Here I learned designing electrical circuits for air separation plants. Also, I learned a deal about cryogenic process while designing and fabricating air separation columns, cold box, heat expanders and so on.


Afterwards, I joined a leading AC manufacturing company in India. My skills in cryogenic processes and electrical instrumentation helped me a lot in doing awesome job at the AC companies. 

In my new position, I worked for three years in designing and fabricating. I acquired a great deal of knowledge of different components useful in the cooling of atmospheric air and removal of water content. 

During the three years, my knowledge of air-conditioning became quite advanced. From scratch to the finished product, I knew it all. Then, I got promoted to a position in marketing and sale. 

During my stint in the sales, I was responsible for increasing sales for our company. Here, I knew the total sales of ACs of my company and also of other companies for analyzing data of competitors. 

The data provided me the insight into the AC market in India. So I know the standing of each AC brand in the Indian market.


Here are the top of 5 AC companies in India


Voltas –


Voltas is the No.1 AC brand in India. Coming from the Tata stable, customers have high trust in the product. Voltas enter the air-conditioning and refrigerating industry in 1954. It was the 1st company to move into manufacturing ACs in India. 


Growth of the company was slow at 1st as the consumer base of such products was low. Only the rich have the money to afford such luxuries. 

This scenario prevailed till 1992 when PM Manmohan Singh liberalized the Indian economy. 

Since then the Indian middle class has been rising. AC has now become a middleclass commodity. Voltas ACs is No.1 choice of the Indian middleclass.


Daikin –


Daikin has become a popular choice for Indian consumers. They use the world-class refrigerating technology for delivering the efficient cooling solutions. Daikin is a Japanese multinational company headquartered in the city of Osaka. 


The Japanese company has established a solid base of customers in India by virtue of its superior technology and excellent customer service. Osaka-based company’s air-conditioners offers customers advanced features with solid performance. 


Their products deliver clean and effective experience with power saving features. Moreover, their products also carry a 10-year warranty on compressors. Their ACs comes in different capacities to meet the requirements of customers.


Haier –


Haier has become a leading air-conditioning company in India. It a Chinese company manufacturing ACs in different capacities. The Chinese company has top-class expertise in refrigeration, automation and designing. 


It is but natural that their products have got unique features for the customers. Haier ACs offer cooling whenever you need. They have superb features such as auto-restart, turbo mode and sleep mode. 


Besides, the consumers will get excellent cooling with low power consumption. The company provides both split ACs and Window ACs. Prices offered by the company are competitive and their after sales services are also of good quality.


Bluestar –


Bluestar AC is one of the top five AC companies in India. Their manufacturing and fabricating is completed in total compliance with global quality standards. 

Their products portfolio includes inverter split AC, fixed speed split AC, window AC and portable AC. The company provides refrigerating solutions for corporate as well as residential locations. 

Their inverter AC is very popular with consumers as provides adjustable cooling with very efficient energy saving performance. Besides, their AC prices are the most competitive in the market.


Hitachi –


Hitachi is a world leader in providing high performance air-conditioning products in India. It’s a Japanese multinational company offering wide range of products including telecommunications, information technology, electronic goods, finance, etc. 

Their air-conditioners are built with advanced technology to provide seamless cooling with low power consumption. Manufactured with twin motor technology, Hitachi ACs provides excellent cooling plus efficiency. 

They will keep your electricity bills low. For Indian tropical conditions, they have introduced inverter technology. Their product portfolio includes window ACs and split ACs. 

Consumers opt for the Hitachi products because of their awesome features such as Auto Clean technology, Follow me, Ace Cut out.