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Some Pointers to help you communicate better

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communication is the key
Some Pointers to help you communicate better
By admin December 13, 2022
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Communication is the key’ how often we hear the statement and it is not that the notion has been generated for the contemporary world but it has been here for ages, even our fore-parents would say the same how communication and conversing are important for not just Cheap assignment help but to break the ice among people. 


This declaration undoubtedly stands true. The most effective way of knowing anyone is through communication. Not only an individual, if one has to learn something new about anything, but communication surely is the key to unlocking that door.   


Communication in different life sectors


The great importance of the ability to communicate has been included in almost all sectors of a person’s life. And for the same significance level, people are taught the art from the very start. For example; (SkillsyouNeed, n.d.)


Communication Skills in Schools


There is always a course included in all curriculums to teach a child the effective means of communication so that he might be able to explain his emotions and thoughts effortlessly and becomes able to render help me do my homework to the juniors.


Furthermore, in the succeeding years of life i.e., in university where students are required to give presentations and speeches, the skill of communication comes in handy and proves to offer good grades for the students.


Communication is businesses 


Communication skills if learnt well can be immensely lucrative for professional life. Often it happens that people are put in front of new challenges. Although it is the challenges only that make the work opposite of monotonous, however, if one does not have the required skills to convey the details, the interesting task can be turned into the most difficult in the world. (Valène Jouany, 2019)

To save oneself from the embarrassment and hindrance of not being able to communicate, firms should invest in human capital and make their employees learn the ever-needed art. 

Numerous facilities would not only help the businesses flourish in return for teaching their employees communication skills but would also save them big chunks of money. 


Monthly seminars or webinars


Organizations should take the initiative to establish a routine of monthly seminars and webinars promoting communication and advocating one-to-one engagement with the stakeholders of the company rather than leaving things solely to technology. (Last, n.d.)

This would encourage the employees to learn different means of sales and communication that ultimately would generate revenue for the firm. The cost of the seminars is hardly going to cost almost 10% of the revenues that the investment would bring in. 


Meetings meetings and meetings


This is yet another thriving medium for enhancing the conversing skills of employees. Organizations should arrange weekly meetings with different departments to gain insights into the progress of each subdivision rather than having written reports on the subject.

In this manner, the employees would have their talking and communicating skills in practice and the superiors of the firm would have first-hand knowledge of the work in their organization. 

This practice could save thousands of money spent on purchasing the papers that are then shredded. Ultimately, the practice would be beneficial for nature too, therefore, creating a win-win situation for everyone. 


Switch from automated to manual customer service


This has become a common practice that automated devices to handle customer queries. As much as it is impressive and time-saving, it could harm the customer-business relationship. 

Keeping human behaviour in mind, people are more comfortable talking to another human to form a personal relationship rather than a machine. 

Companies should adopt this method and keep the customer service conventional to save; 

  • the cost of implementing the machines
  • the relationship with loyal customers 
  • the habit of their staff communicating

Is written communication important


As was said before, there are significant differences in how you speak and write. What if you were the company CEO and you managed to get your hands on a document like this? The reaction would be priceless at the beginning, you would be fired or cautioned as a result of the acts, and thirdly, it would convey an unclear message and create diversions. (MasterEssayWriters, n.d.)

You check hundreds of exam papers and essays as a teacher. You won’t be able to follow along with a paper if it is filled with fillers of every kind.


Eliminating those fillers is the best method to make written communication clear and error-free.


Tips to improve your communication


There are some actions you can do to hone your communication abilities; (ThoughtWire, n.d.)

Who you are talking to matters: When trying to convey your message, remember to keep the other person in mind. Effective communicators tailor their messages to the audience they are speaking to.


Body language is important: For in-person meetings and video conferencing, this is crucial.


Before you click “send,” review your message: Grammar and spell checkers can save your life, but they are not perfect. Ensure that your words convey the desired message by carefully reading what you have written.


Be succinct but detailed: Practice being succinct yet specific in your written and spoken communication so that the other person can grasp what you are trying to express.


Put things in writing: Don’t rely on your memory during conversations with others or meetings; instead, take notes. Make sure you comprehend what was said during the conversation by sending a follow-up email.


Before you talk, Think: Never talk without pausing, and never utter the first thing that comes to mind.


Be fair to everyone: Never belittle anyone; always be respectful to others. Treat everyone equally.


Sometimes picking up the phone is preferable: If you discover that you have a lot to say, phone the person rather than sending an email