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Sammy EHR VS Kareo EHR: A 2022 EMR Guide

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sammy ehr vs kareo ehr
Sammy EHR VS Kareo EHR: A 2022 EMR Guide
By admin December 26, 2022
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Kareo Software   


Kareo EHR Software is a cloud-based clinical platform that contains electronic health records. Kareo EHR also incorporates practice management, marketing, telemedicine, patient interaction, billing software, and analytics. Health Prime International just purchased the company’s billing services.   

The software is Meaningful Use Stages 1/2 certified. It supports over 45 medical specialties, including the following 

  • family medicine,  
  • cancer,  
  • pediatrics,  
  • neurology,  
  • cardiology, and  
  • Internal medicine.  

Furthermore, the application has built-in templates to help with workflow and ICD-10 codes.  

Kareo Software Features  




 The feature allows physicians to save time and check for potential drug-to-drug or drug-to-allergy interactions. It also helps reduce phone calls related to prescriptions.   


Patient Portal  


Patients may view billing information, test results, medical history, prescriptions, and other information and exchange medical data. Using instant messaging or video conferencing, physicians may safely contact patients.  


Electronic Superbills  


Physicians may prepare and submit fully completed and correct superbills in a few clicks 


Secure Messaging  


This portal allows physicians to rapidly and securely exchange information with patients. They can also contact other health professionals to exchange essential notes. Physicians may also communicate with their organization’s billing staff while keeping data secure.   


Flexible Calendar  


Manage critical patient communications and customize schedules with a comprehensive calendar. The feature is beneficial for both patient appointments and staff scheduling.




Physicians can use this feature to conduct virtual consultations with patients anywhere. As the solution is integrated with the EHR platform, neither practitioners nor patients need any additional software. HIPAA-compliant virtual visits are also available. This ensures that interactions and communications are secure and that sensitive data is not made available to hackers due to security breaches.  


Kareo Health Software Pricing  


Kareo Software pricing details are not available on the website. You can contact the sales and support team and get pricing tailored to your practice. You need to fill out a form and answer a few simple questions, and the team will connect you with one of the software experts.   


Kareo Software Demo  


You can see how the software can work for your practice with the Kareo software demo. The demo may be able to give you a walkthrough of the software’s capabilities so that you can assess its viability.   


Kareo Health Software Review  


Reviews claim that Kareo’s user interface is simple to use, easy to learn, and boosts clinical facility productivity. The programme stands out from rivals due to its affordability. However, the programme does not necessarily support all integrations from third parties. Furthermore, outdated features and tools often make users work more slowly. Its billing capabilities and customer support have received conflicting user reviews. While some people praised this function, others gave it unfavorable reviews. Overall, the programme seems to be a practical choice for independent medical professionals. 


Sammy EHR 


Sammy EHR is a piece of medical EHR software that was developed to help manage medical practices. Sammy EHR software is well known for expediting medical procedures and simplifying business processes. The software has an excellent average rating of 4.3 out of 5, which is another positive factor. The program provides excellent medical billing services in addition to EHR solutions. We’re going to discuss Sammy EHR’s significant features in this article. We’ll also touch on Sammy’s EHR pricing in this discussion. 


Sammy EHR Key Features 


Patient Portal 


To make it easy for patients to check their information easily. Patients can log in and check their appointment dates, medical histories, reports, and other information from any place. Patients can choose their appointments based on what is most convenient for them. Additionally, it greatly lowers no-shows and latecomers. In reality, this raises patient involvement in the practice. 




a list of all tasks, along with patient information, in one place. The software makes all data entered available for use in subsequent procedures. The software complies with HIPAA requirements, protecting the data. Using the dashboard, reports and pictures can be connected to patient records. Because user revisions can also be tracked, information loss is minimized. 


Claims Management 


The number of rejected claims can be managed with the aid of Sammy EHR software. As early mistake detection is available with the use of software, once an issue has been found, it can be removed before submission to increase the likelihood that claims will be accepted. In addition, as soon as patient data is entered into the software, patient eligibility is also checked. Therefore, whether a patient has active insurance coverage or not is readily known to the professionals. 


Sammy EHR Pricing 


The software price varies according to the features that users would like and the number of users that will be utilizing it in practice. The initial cost is estimated to be $349 a month for each user. Requests for additional information or prices for a particular plan can be made. 


Sammy EHR Demo 


The software offers a demo for its users. If you are interested in the software, you will need to schedule a demo.  


Sammy EHR Reviews 


Compiling Sammy EHR reviews from different sources can provide an accurate picture of the software’s features. Among all the software’s most frequent advantages and disadvantages, according to user comments, are 




Knowledge of podiatry terminology, codes, and dialect Simple to use and configure solutions for claims handling 

Help from the voice recognition feature to save time. 




Due to the high learning curve, the user experience is challenging. 

Fewer readily available templates. 


Final Thoughts  


The Sammy EHR vs Kareo EHR comparison reviews the features, pricing, demo and reviews of both tools. Make a conscious choice, keeping in mind the needs of your practice.