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Reinventing the Meaning of Life as You Age – Teal Swan

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Reinventing the Meaning of Life as You Age – Teal Swan
By admin May 14, 2022
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 Teal Swan

Life circumstances keep changing for each individual, and we start to feel this more challenging as we age. Everyone tends to go through different stages of life, which is natural. We change our careers during adulthood, find life partners, and experience parenthood, and each of these changes comes with many unique challenges and achievements. We may also experience multiple losses as we get age. We may lose our parents, partners, and jobs and start to develop some sicknesses. However, being old is not a synonym for being less meaningful or active.

Many older adults live longer and lead a busy life even at an advanced age. They maintain a very positive psychological profile and fight against illnesses, depression, and loneliness in unique ways. Let us explore some tips to live a more meaningful life as we age.


Living a meaningful life at an advanced age – Teal Swan


As retirement comes, one gets more time and opportunities to develop new skills and hobbies. As mentioned above, we may create a passion for adding more meaning to life. If you are one of those elders struggling to find the meaning of life, then it is the right time to reinvent your life. Positive thoughts are born from positive associations. You need to develop passion in any activities you have to find and invest time. Further, let us have some handy tips from Teal Swan, a successful life coach, and public speaker.

1. Invest more time for friends and family – This is a no-brainer social relationship tip but something we usually neglect. If you are someone who used to forget to see your friends and family, then add a reminder for the same. Promoting familial and social relationships can have a positive impact in terms of leading a meaningful life.

2. Please start a new interest: As we age, one tends to have more time. After retirement or fulfilling all our life responsibilities, many people want to enjoy a peaceful old-age life. However, sitting may keep you bored and drain all your energy. Utilize some of this extra time to be invested in your interest or hobby. If you lie with a partner, you may ask them to shoulder your responsibilities during this time so that you can be more engaged in your interest.

3. Express what makes you happy: If you are at the early stages of developing a hobby or interest, it will be good to express yourself to others about what you enjoy. Consider writing a journal, maintaining a blog about your interests and exploration, or having a YouTube channel to share your passion with friends and family.

4. Engage in your community: There can be many simple acts like greeting or chatting with your neighbors, talking to the local vendors, or participating in community events.

As Teal Swan points out, all these activities will help build and strengthen your social relationships and contribute positively to society. This, in turn, leads to a meaningful life to live.