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Reasons to Print a Custom Wall Calendar for Your Brand

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custom wall calendar
Reasons to Print a Custom Wall Calendar for Your Brand
By admin November 14, 2022
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Custom Wall Calendar for Your Brand


In this digital age, it is easy to imagine that printed wall calendars have become history. This is primarily because you have access to a digital calendar in your pocket. But printed calendars are still highly popular in offices and homes across the world. 

If you are still wondering, why you should choose a wall calendar, take a look at the reasons given below. 


  • Increases Brand Awareness


A customized calendar gives you the perfect canvas for you to promote the image and quality of your brand. If you add high-quality and dynamic images of people, services, and products, you can present your brand identity with creativity. 

Colorful and large photos printed on customized calendars will offer a subtle way to promote the reasons why people should choose your brand. Just add a tagline or phrase to every photo- a high-impact and direct way to communicate the brand’s core message.


  • Ongoing Exposure at a Low Cost

A wall calendar printing has the company name, logo, or contact details and these are really important for the brand. Thus, it will always be displayed to your customers for as long as it is displayed on the desk or wall. If the images you use are captivating and interesting, there is little reason to think anyone can remove them once the calendar printing is displayed. 

It means that the company’s messaging and name can be seen again and again throughout the year. No other marketing strategies can offer such a lasting impact for such little investment. The prospective exposure calendar offers are not just limited to the recipient as anyone who passes by can take a look at the calendar. 


  • Boosts Business’s Goodwill


Giving out gifts to your customers like printed calendar helps in building goodwill and will enable you to develop a positive connection with new, as well as existing clients. With goodwill, your clients and customers will feel good about working with you. This, in turn, improves brand loyalty. 

Most people like to work with a brand they know or prefer, and the custom calendar printing when put up on the wall is a constant reminder of their relationship with your reliable business. 

You need to give your potential and current clients a gift as will help in creating a favorable impression. 


  • Better Impact


Promotional calendars are affordable to produce, particularly when you compare them to the budget you need for other kinds of advertising and communications, such as TV commercials or billboards. By using printed calendars, you can reach out to a specific set of customers and you will have complete control over who is receiving the calendar. 

This helps in reducing wastage as you don’t have to pay for someone who is not your ideal audience to see the message. Moreover, you can customize your promotional message as per the interest and needs of your specific audience. Printed promotional calendars offer optimum brand exposure at a low cost. 


  • Highly Customizable


You can hire a professional to design your calendar. They will let you choose your own message, image, color, and size. The professionals will make sure that the outcome is vibrant and attractive. 

You have the option to choose from different sizes. Moreover, you have the options to choose from various binding styles. 


  • Highly Tangible


Even though we are in the digital age and we are accustomed to everything virtual. So, nothing can replace a tangible physical gift. There are many people who still like reading physical books over digital books. Similarly, even if people have calendars on their computers or phones, it is more meaningful if they get one that is tangible. Thus, it is a powerful marketing tool. The tagline or logo of your brand is not going to be a fleeting message, such as a radio commercial or Instagram story ad. 

You can print custom calendars bulk. It is a simple but efficacious way to reach out to your potential and existing customers. The promotional material can serve its purpose for an entire year.