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Rain Showerhead: A Luxury You Can’t Afford to Ignore

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rain showerhead
Rain Showerhead: A Luxury You Can’t Afford to Ignore
By admin June 20, 2022
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Taking a shower is the best response to a long day at the office (although with the pandemic, a long day at home is more realistic) or after a workout. If your showerhead is worn out and you’re looking to change how you shower forever, try a rain showerhead fitted in your bathroom ceiling! 

You don’t have to worry about the angle of the showerhead for the best water pressure, the stationary models offer the perfect spray pressure, and some designs allow for control of the water pressure with a knob fitted on the control board of the showerhead. 

Ceiling mounted showerheads:

If your current shower station is mounted on the wall, modifying the plumbing to install a ceiling showerhead can be complicated, depending on your bathroom architecture. If necessary, rain showerheads can be mounted on the wall, but only certain models allow for such an electric shower installation. 

How must does a rain showerhead cost?

The price range is rather wide, from 100-pound models with simple functions and limited spray types to customizable showerheads that have companion apps, allowing you to customize the water pressure, spray patterns and more! You can find a rain showerhead for almost all budgets, up to five thousand pounds for advanced models with high customizability.

What makes a rain shower head so remarkable?

These showerheads are fitted in the ceiling and are larger than usual showerheads. The wider diameter allows for a better distribution of water pressure and a pleasant shower experience, much like natural rainfall. It can be a delightful sensation when you’re tired and want to relax in the shower before going to bed. If you’re willing to spend more on quality of life, consider fitting an electric shower with the rain showerhead for a modern and comforting shower experience. 

What is the main difference between rain showerhead models?


  • Showerhead Diameter


Typical models range between 8, 10 and 12 inches’ showerheads, which affects the water pressure. If you are looking for a gentle spray, try the larger showerheads, since the smaller showerheads naturally spray water with more pressure. However, if your showerhead is an advanced model, it may be fitted with a pressure control unit, which makes it more convenient to go with a smaller shower head for smaller bathrooms, and a bigger shower head for larger bathrooms. Make sure you’re not purchasing a shower head that’s too big for your shower unit and won’t fit the shower station.


  • Water mains pressure


A large showerhead is useless if your shower unit isn’t supplied by a high-pressure water valve, or if you don’t have an electric shower with a dedicated or built-in water pump. It’s wiser to go with smaller models in low-pressure bathrooms. 

Consider the difference between brands, or ask an expert before buying a new showerhead

If you’re not yet familiar with different brand names and the quality of their products, EWL experts can help you make the right choice for your bathroom renovation, as we specialize in electric shower installation and are familiar with all the common models available in the UK. Our representative will recommend the best option and a few alternatives based on information provided by you such as your budget and existing bathroom infrastructure like plumbing and dedicated electric circuit.

Is installing a rain shower head on the wall difficult?

Some models are equipped with an extension arm, which makes it possible to install the showerhead on a wall-mounted shower station or electric shower instead of the ceiling. It’s easier to choose a showerhead type that matches your existing plumbing rather than modifying the plumbing to save on costs.  

Under some circumstances, it is better to change the plumbing and the shower unit, especially if you want to upgrade your shower station along with the showerhead and the new electric shower requires a wider water valve to function properly. it’s more difficult to install such showers on the ceiling, making a wall-mounted installation more feasible and efficient.

Can I customize rain showerhead spray patterns with all models?

A fully customizable rain showerhead is expensive, and installing it is not cheap by any means. If you don’t want to spend too much on your bathroom renovation, you can select a less expensive model with fewer customizability features, where you can choose between a limited number of spray patterns. 

Plumbing specifications only impact the spray pressure, and do not really have an impact on what spray patterns a showerhead can offer. Some models have different pressure settings with variable degrees of customization, from a mild spring shower resembling a misty spray, to pressures powerful enough to clean the worst stinks. 

Showerhead prices and build quality

The showerhead material isn’t just a matter of style and design, and impacts its price along with durability. There are metallic showerheads, such as steel or brass that offer a more luxurious look, while plastic variants have taken the market by storm, with an affordable price and high durability. 

If you care about design, choosing the right showerhead will take a bit of time and effort to research compatible models, but the results will be worth it. If you don’t want to trouble yourself with choosing the right rain showerhead and other mind-boggling details about fitting an electric shower, Electric Works London experts will handpick the best option for your bathroom.