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Kavan Choksi- A Glimpse On The Bitcoin Regulations in The UK

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kavan choksi
Kavan Choksi- A Glimpse On The Bitcoin Regulations in The UK
By admin November 28, 2022
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Kavan Choksi


The UK has decided to announce plans formally for Bitcoin regulations, and it is one of the first nations to do so. This is excellent news for investors and businesses keen on digital currency as it offers a transparent framework within which to function. These new rules will be enforced in the nation and come into effect in April. The rules will extend to ICOs, wallets, and exchanges, and they have been designed to protect consumers and stop money laundering. 


Kavan Choksi- comply with the KYC and AML laws


Business and investment expert Kavan Choksi states these laws have been created to do away with money laundering and safeguard consumers in the nation. The exchange providers will be under a mandate to comply with the KYC or Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering or AML regulations in the country. Likewise, ICOs in the UK will be subjected to the same regulations as other financial promotions. 


Clarity and transparency for cryptocurrencies in the UK


Cryptocurrency wallets don’t need to follow the above AML or KYC regulations; however, they should comply with other consumer protection laws in the nation. The above rules and laws are favorable for the UK as they open the doors for transparency and clarity for several businesses that are functioning in this arena. 


The impact of these Bitcoin regulations in the UK markets


The impact of these regulations in the UK markets is positive, as it will stop money laundering and boost customer protection in the country. Besides the above, these clarifications of the rules revolving around the ICOs will offer greater certainty for companies that are interested in raising capital via this method. Overall, these new changes are favorable for the market in the UK and will enhance more significant growth in the market. 


The recognition of cryptocurrency in the United Kingdom


The House of Commons, which is the lower house of the Parliament in Britain, approved the recognition of cryptocurrency and assets on the 25th of October, 2022. As regulated financial instruments. This move was a component of the Draft Bill where the present laws about tools that are payment-focused in nature will extend to stable coins. This step in the UK comes shortly after the recent appointment of its new PM, Rishi Sunak, who is considered to practice crypto-friendly leadership.


Cryptocurrency in the UK is not considered to be legal tender


Currently, in the UK, there are no cryptocurrency-specific laws, and the nation considers it to be property and not legal tender. All cryptocurrencies should be registered in the country, and under the Financial Conduct, Authority or FCA, Crypto derivatives trading is banned. 


Business expert, Kavan Choksi states the reporting requirements for cryptocurrency under KYC and AML laws should be stringently followed. He also says that though investors still need to pay the capital gains tax on the profits from Cryptocurrency trading, on a broader scale, the level of taxability will depend upon the nature of the crypto-activities that are conducted and the people who engage in its transaction. 

He also sums up by saying when it comes to making cryptocurrency investments, one should be aware of its basics for making intelligent and wise choices for financial wealth building.