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Is it Possible to Crack Defence Exams in the First Attempt

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Defence Exams
Is it Possible to Crack Defence Exams in the First Attempt
By admin April 23, 2022
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Cracking defence exams is the dream of lakhs of youngsters.. Smart strategies can help you navigate through strenuous written exams and SSB interviews. Also, it is advisable to use your time optimally while preparing for the exam. Your diligence and determination can help you taste the fruits of success in the defence exams. In this article, we have mentioned some of the marvellous tips that can help you crack the defence exam in a single go. Adhere to these tips adamantly while preparing for the defence exam. For sure, you’ll be able to prepare for the defence exam perfectly. 

Generally, youth of India enters the defence forces by cracking the NDA, CDS and AFCAT exam. So, what’s your plan? How do you want to enter these elite forces? If you have cleared 12th class, then you are eligible to appear for the NDA exam. You need to dedicate ideal hours for self study as well. 

Here are some rewarding tips and tricks that can help you crack the defence exam in a single go:

  • Know about exam and marking scheme

Before you start preparing for the exam, know about the exam syllabus and pattern. Now you’ll ask: How to know that? The official notification of the exam contains all the meticulous information of the exam. It can help you make a proper study routine for yourself. 

  • Design a suitable timetable

After knowing the exam syllabus and pattern, make a suitable timetable for yourself that can help you complete the exam syllabus on time. Many candidates prepare a timetable to prepare for the exam. Note that making a timetable is not enough. You need to be punctual and determined to follow it religiously. While making a time table, don’t forget to give yourself short breaks in your study hours. Studying for long hours is not a wise decision. It can rejuvenate your mind. Also, you will not feel bored while preparing for the exam. 

  • Learn some short tricks

As you know, you need to attempt questions of the exam in a limited time. So, learn some short tricks to solve the questions of quants and reasoning. Note that you can’t apply short tricks to every question. Never apply short tricks to questions blindly. Practice enough questions to know in which type of questions you can apply short tricks. You can crack AFCAT in just 49 days .

Learning short tricks can help you ace AFCAT exam preparation. So, do you want to prepare effectively for the exam? If yes, then join a leading institute that provides AFCAT coaching.

  • Revise and evaluate yourself

To retain concepts for a longer period of time, it is advisable to do revision regularly. Also, it is important to evaluate your performance by solving some mock tests. You can easily download mock tests from some websites for free. So, start solving mock tests and make improvements in your weaker areas. Furthermore, you can solve some previous year question papers as well to get your hands on a variety of questions. For sure, it can save you from negative marking in the defence exams. 

  • Make study notes

Do you want to master every section of the exam? If yes, then make notes of every section of the exam. Here are some tips to make effective study notes while preparing for defence exams:

  • Instead of using any digital device, you should write notes with your hands. 
  • Choose to write your notes in very simple language. 
  • You can make headings in your notes with a colorful pen. Also, you can highlight some important terms and definitions in your notes. 
  • To understand the concepts in a better way, you can think of some examples to write in your notes.
  • Focus on clearing your basics

Remember cramming will never help you to crack the defence exams. It can help you solve the tricky and toughest questions of the defence exam. There are many sources from where you can take help to clear your basics. For example: You can subscribe to some youtube channels that provide video lectures for government exam preparation. Additionally, you can download some exam preparation apps on your smartphone to prepare for the exam. 

  • Take care of your body and mind

You need to keep yourself calm while preparing for the exam. Simply, you can meditate for at least 10 minutes every day. It can aid in boosting the power of your mind and help you focus better during your study hours.. Abide by a healthy lifestyle and avoid eating junk food during your preparation phase. Good health and peace of mind can help you perform excellently in the exam. 

So, have you started CDS exam preparation? If yes, then start preparing for the exam with the help of a nonpareil institute that provides CDS coaching.


Overall, pre plan and organize your study schedule to prepare effectively for the exam. Never let anyone dim your spark during the preparation phase. Positive attitude and smart work can help you ace the defence exam preparation. So, start your defence exam preparation with a fool proof study plan