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The Factors That Drive Indian Youngsters To Join The Defense Forces

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Join The Defense Forces
The Factors That Drive Indian Youngsters To Join The Defense Forces
By admin October 6, 2022
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 Join The Defense Forces


We all are well cognizant of the fact that enlisting in the Indian Defence forces is a very arduous task. Different phases in the form of Defence exams are awaiting you before you turn your dream into reality. Millions of youngsters set targets for the posts in the Defence forces. After the sincere hard work of years, the potential candidates get recruited for their desired jobs. But have you ever thought about what makes such a large number of candidates apply for the Defence forces despite the presence of other outstanding career opportunities? Well, to know such factors, read this article. This article will depict the major factors that drive millions of Indian youngsters to apply for the Defence forces. 


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Take a look at the factors mentioned below that drive Indian youngsters to join the Defence forces:


Love For The Motherland 


No opportunity is greater than serving the motherland that let you utilize your skills and knowledge for the greatest cause. Well, you can have endless opportunities to serve your motherland as a citizen. But serving your motherland as a soldier means that you serve the motherland at the cost of your life. You have to face grueling challenges while defending the nation from internal as well as external challenges. While doing the job, you just remember your love for the motherland. That’s why the soldiers are considered the epitome of love and care. Thus, serving the motherland is the major reason that drives Indian youngsters to apply for the defence exams.




The Indian cinema has played a very vital role in inspiring candidates to apply for defence jobs. The blockbuster movies on the life stories of our Indian soldiers not only make us cry and respect the soldiers but also inspire the youth to be like them. Our Indian cinema is full of blockbuster movies that show the lifestyle of Indian soldiers and their outstanding duties. Some of the blockbuster movies are, “Border”, “Shershaah”, “holiday”, etc. have done their best in introducing the importance of soldiers to us. Thus, we never mind saying that cinema is also a driving force that inspires so many people to apply for the Defence forces. 


The Lifestyle


Well, someone has said no one can be perfect. But we think that no human being can be more perfect than a soldier. Their organized lifestyle is an example of perfection. They are always punctual, disinclined, courteous, kind, and always ready to say yes to their duties. They love to be on time and live an organized routine. After being enrolled in the Defence forces, you will have a lot of training sessions and so many activities to do. You have to maintain a healthy lifestyle by sticking to a natural diet and regular exercise. Thus, we can say that the organized lifestyle of the soldiers also attracts so many Indian youngsters to join the Defence forces. 


The Friendship 


Have you ever watched any movie based on the life of a soldier? If yes, then you must have noticed the outstanding bond shared by the military people. The way they support each other and conversate always win the heart of the people watching the movie. The friendship bond shared by the Indian soldiers is the best gift that you will ever receive after joining the Defence forces. You will get a circle of friends who will support you and will always be ready to help you. In fact, the friendship between the military people is one of the basic reasons that motivate them to cooperate with each other. 


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You might be thinking that a good salary package is also the reason that attracts Indian youngsters to apply for the defence exams. Well, that’s not true. Not everyone applies for the defence forces with the hope to receive a good salary package. In fact, most of the defence job applicants are inspired by the above-mentioned factors.