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Everest Base Camp Trek – Amazing Trek

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Everest Base Camp Trek - Amazing Trek
Everest Base Camp Trek – Amazing Trek
By admin April 26, 2022
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A trek through the Everest Base Camp in Nepal can be an exhilarating experience – but only if you’re prepared! With all of the risks posed by altitude sickness, hypothermia, and more, you want to make sure you have all of your bases covered before setting off on this trip of a lifetime. This guide will show you everything you need to know to prepare yourself mentally and physically so that you can have the most fun possible on your trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal! Plus, we even threw in some helpful tips to save money along the way!


What Is This Trek Called?


The trek from Lukla to Everest Base Camp trek is often called one of—if not THE—hardest treks in Nepal. So why do it? Well, if you’re going to go big, why not go all out? The base camp trail offers glimpses into cultures in Nepal that you can’t see by sticking closer to Kathmandu. For instance, at an altitude of 11,000 feet (3,400 meters), 

Which Route Should I Choose?

Choosing a route is one of the most crucial factors in your trekking experience. Without a doubt, Kathmandu is an awesome city with many things to do, but if you want to see Everest and Kala Patthar during your trek, you have only two options: either via Gokyo Lakes or via Rongbuk Monastery. Which one should you choose.

What If I Have No Experience in Hiking?

A common question when planning a trek is, What if I’ve never done anything like this before? While there’s no way of knowing how you’ll do without experiencing it first hand, there are a few ways to prepare. Start by researching or signing up for courses in basic first aid and survival skills.

What Do I Need To Pack?

Have you ever found yourself wondering, What do I need to pack? You might think that packing for a trek like this is easy—just throw some walking shoes in your bag and be on your way. But before you know it, you’re stepping off a plane in Kathmandu with way too much stuff. The secret to packing light is being smart about what clothes and gear you bring. Here are my guidelines

If you have time on your hands and can afford it, spend a few days in Kathmandu acclimatizing before beginning your trek to Everest Base Camp. The two-day hike from Lukla is brutal; doing it all in one go would probably mean taking a lot of breaks—and that’s not good for anyone.

Are There Any Health Risks?

When considering a trek like Everest base camp, it’s important to have your health in check. If you have pre-existing conditions or are going through any kind of transition (like pregnancy), it may be safer to delay your trip and wait until things are more stable. Even if you think you’re ready, always do some research on altitude sickness, since some people experience nausea while they adjust to higher altitudes.

Do I Need To Know Nepali Language Or Dialect?

The Nepali language isn’t spoken just in Nepal, but also in India, Bhutan and Bangladesh. You can find some English speakers in Kathmandu, but don’t expect everyone you meet to speak English (though it’s possible). Start learning basic phrases by typing them into Google Translate or using a translation app on your phone.

Do I Need A Guide For The Trip?

One of your biggest concerns may be whether or not you’ll need a guide on your trek to Everest base camp. These are important questions and we’re going to help you answer them by first breaking down what exactly a trekking guide does for his or her clients. You should understand that not all guides are created equal and there is no such thing as an official climbing license in Nepal.

What Will My Accommodation Be Like During The Trekking?

Because you’ll be trekking at high altitudes, your accommodations will vary. Generally, though, you’ll sleep in a teahouse and spend most of your time in shared rooms with other travelers. Bathrooms are shared and may not have running water or even soap; bring wet wipes to freshen up! While sleeping in lodges might sound uncomfortable or unsanitary, remember that Nepal is a developing country and many Nepalese families rely on teahouses as their primary source of income.

Where Can I Ask Questions About The Trek?

One of our favorite places to ask questions about a potential trek is on Facebook. Several companies in Nepal have Facebook pages where they provide answers to frequently asked questions and help people begin planning their treks, expeditions, and tours. If you’re planning your trek on your own, we highly recommend joining these groups; they are filled with experienced guides who can answer any question you may have.

EBC is one of most popular treks in Nepal, and you can find many companies offering EBC trek packages. But beware; not all these companies are equally good. Researching your options before booking an expedition operator is important because it’s crucial that you experience an easy trek and don’t suffer from altitude sickness or other ailments that could occur during a strenuous trip.