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Effective Ways To Use Voice Search For Your Business

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voice search for your business
Effective Ways To Use Voice Search For Your Business
By admin September 27, 2022
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You may want to know how your business can benefit from ‘Voice Search’. The truth is that these days, a good number of people are dependent upon their virtual assistant for completing various types of tasks on their behalf. How people are using the net to seek information is changing very fast. About 71% of people prefer using voice assistant for conducting online searches. Besides this, voice is used to carry out approximately 20% of Google searches. 


Three main features associated with voice search 

  • People seek instant results:

  • While searching any business or topic, searchers may not necessarily click top links. When local business is concerned, people generally are clear about what they require like reviews, business hours, phone number, etc. for informational search queries, they seek instant results. To increase higher rankings, it will be necessary to get customers to provide reviews on search engines like Google. Also update contact information, photos, etc. 

  • Neutral language and longer voice search queries:

  • Generally, short phrases or few words are used to seek information. With voice search, queries are posed like asking someone present. Hence, voice searches are said to be conversational and in long form. To boost feature snippet landing chances in search results, include a few phrases and words in SEO keywords. You can hire the best SEO company in Noida to undertake this task. 

  • Voice search for seeking local information:

  • About 22% queries made through voice search seek local information. In voice search, the phrase that is commonly used is ‘near me’ instead of specific location. This localized search type is found to have grown about 130% every year. Hence, the content should be incorporated with the right keywords that make complete sense. You may target localized, specific searches by considering a few aspects. 

Steps involved in voice search preparation

  • Implement structure data:

  • Schema markup or structured data helps search engines to classify and organize content. Search engines can use this data to understand information on the site. Rankings do not get affected. However, data might be noticed in voice search and snippets. Local businesses can make good use of structured data as people search for office hours, address, contact number, etc. Therefore, listing such essential information ensures better rankings, more conversions and improved digital footprint. 
  • Featured snippet:

  • You can outperform competitors and dominate your niche industry by optimizing highly performing pages for featured snippet or position zero. The results offered by voice command-based queries are read aloud by most voice assistants. Hence, web page content should answer all common queries concerning your niche and business very clearly. Also generate FAQ page to secure position zero. Get to know the commonly asked questions concerning your industry or page. Accordingly incorporate it in your FAQ page. 
  • Speed up site:

  • Voice search is found to be much quicker when compared to typing in a search bar. Hence to meet speed of audience, ensure site does not lag while loading. Also page speed can influence significantly search ranking. Evaluate spite speed using proper tools and identify ways to boost page speed. For voice search, load speed of mobile site does play a vital role. 53% mobile users are found to neglect those sites whose loading time is over 3 seconds. 
  • Google-My-Business (GMB) Listing:

  • Optimize for local search. To ensure this, update or claim GMB listing. Include business name, phone number with area code and accurate contact details. Also include short description of a max of 400 words about your business along with the offered services/products. Ensure consistency in all sites. Select a matching category. Although optional, include superior quality images showcasing your business, your employees, products and services. It helps develop trust among audience.
  • Increase relevance:

  • Using voice search, lots of searches are made. If you are doing business locally, then you need to have an edge over your competitors. Create search query relevant site to rank for. The objective is not just to increase traffic, but provide valuable information to your audience. Use long-tail keywords and optimize content for ‘near me’ terms.

Optimizing for voice search


You need to put some efforts to optimize fully your site for voice search. The industry professionals will use the right tools and techniques to help outperform competition.

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