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Daniel Klibanoff- An Inspiring and Innovative Leader In Direct Marketing

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Daniel Klibanoff
Daniel Klibanoff- An Inspiring and Innovative Leader In Direct Marketing
By admin May 14, 2022
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 The competition in the market is fierce today, and companies have to pay attention to advertising solutions that bring them customers and profits. This is where innovation plays a vital role in making the company stand out from the rest in the niche market so that potential audiences can take notice and become loyal customers of that company with time. 


  • Daniel Klibanoffwidely respected direct marketing innovator and leader


Daniel Klibanoff is a serial entrepreneur from Asheville in North Carolina known for generating millions of dollars in revenue for the companies he owns. In 1982, he began a data business with just $500, and today it is one of the leading data and marketing solution providers in direct marketing for prominent names like BlueCross Blue Shield, AARP, Hearst Magazines, Mutual of Omaha, Chase Manhattan Bank and Allstate, to mention a few. 

Currently, he is the CEO and the President of Multimedia Lists, Inc, a multi-channel audience and data solutions provider to esteemed advertisers across the globe. 

  • Generating high revenue 

He is known for pioneering and bringing to the market a database with 100,000,000 holders of credit cards with TransUnion. This is the first time that an esteemed credit bureau has released its data for offers that are non-credit in nature. He has generated more than $20,000,000 in revenue for TransUnion and his company. 

  • The importance of innovation in the world of marketing 

According to him, innovation plays a vital role in marketing the goods and services of a company. 

When it comes to innovation involves creating new ideas that have a substantial impact on a new service or product. Marketing later communicates this information of the above product or the service to the intended targeted audience in the market. 

  • Innovation marketing for the success of your business 

Businesses are today shifting away from the traditional way of operations. This is why innovation marketing should surface in all the phrases of the marketing funnel so that both the market and customer can align with technological advancements that lead to the business applying new approaches towards marketing with time. 

Renowned brands are known for bringing innovation and marketing together, which is why they grab the limelight in the market. If you are a business owner, no matter how small your unit is, innovation in marketing is the key to establishing your brand presence and potential customers to your company. 

Daniel Klibanoff is a leader in the marketing world widely respected by his peers and contemporaries for his extensive knowledge of the industry. He is a highly creative individual and an innovator who helps businesses worldwide generate lucrative revenue with multi-channel marketing that focuses on targeted audiences and the best advertising solutions.

His industry peers regard him as one of the most experienced and foremost figures in his industry when it comes to performance and bringing in a targeted audience for customer prospecting and long-term acquisition with success!