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Choose Boxing as a Workout to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

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Choose Boxing as a Workout to Build Muscle and Lose Fat
By admin January 9, 2023
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But the quick question is, why?

Well, we have got our reasons. Boxing is a combat sport. At least we have defined it that way by using it so. Like Karate or Judo, boxing is adorned all over the world. Because of the fantastic hand-eye coordination involved in the sport, many would love a good boxing session or shadow practice over lifting weights.


To know why it qualifies as a strong workout for building muscle, gaining strength and ultimately losing fat, we need to understand something about it.

That’s why this post. 


Why Boxing Qualifies as a Worthy Workout


They say the mind is the hub of ideas. Truly it is. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the mind worked in unison with the body?


Boxing helps you get exactly that. It is a full-body workout, and it can promise you better results if you do it correctly. You can box in certain ways to customise your results from it too. 

But why do you think you need boxing for weight loss and muscle gain?


B boxing is a full-body workout. It is very motivational in many cases and gives you amazing results. Firstly, it gives you ample scope to enjoy your workouts. Boxing is always a fun workout. Every moment, you will get to develop a particular liking for the workout and enjoy it even more.


Fundamentally, boxing is for everybody. If you can find a good way to box and make it into your practice, you may no longer need assistance from other workouts, such as weight training, etc. 

That said, we can jump in to learn more about the workout sessions and how they can add more to our fitness journeys.


  • Boxing Targets All the Muscle Groups of the Body 


If you are rushing towards it, you might find boxing to target only a few muscle groups of the body, such as the shoulder muscles, biceps, triceps and probably a few of the chest.


Some of you might argue that these muscles do not develop properly with something such as boxing. You think it is just for increasing concentration, focusing on the punches and nothing extra.

No offence, but you might be thinking wrong, my friend. 


Boxing is all about physics. Haven’t you noticed that your lower body does involve in the process? As you know that footwork for boxing is a must. People have sessions on teaching you the proper footwork too. It would take weeks or, in some cases, a few months to properly get used to footwork.


And all this means you have enough options to work with leg muscles.

Since boxing requires punches, delivering them does require force. This originates from your core and lower body. So, the next time you want to blame boxing for strengthening your core, think again!


  • Yes It Builds Muscle 


Muscle hypertrophy builds muscle, and weight training and boxing can do that. 


Let’s learn how that happens. When your muscle fibres are torn or broken down, then you feel pain in the muscles. That’s perfectly normal because you would want to do that by lifting heavy weights or doing intensive workouts such as boxing. 


When this happens, your muscles repair themselves, growing in size. This is a process you can call muscle hypertrophy. We use this for building muscle. The muscles also grow in strength. 

And most workout enthusiasts with little knowledge about boxing will say that it might not build muscle. But the real deal is it happens. 


Both weight lifting and boxing make muscle hypertrophy take place in the body in different ways. By weight lifting or resistance training, you tear the muscle fibres increasing the weight or the number of reps. 


In boxing, your muscle fibres are forced to break down tear by the number of reps or the intensity of the workout. You can have a more intense session (of course, looking after your health). It will help your muscles reach hypertrophy. Eventually, you will grow muscle. 


  • It Is Good for the Heart 


Moderately practising boxing will increase your cardiovascular health and keep the probability of untimely heart diseases at bay.


Did you know that too much weight training or trying to lift more weight damages your heart?

Well, that is not to say you need to quit weight training. All you have to do is to stay at a lower weight range and increase the number of reps, and that is it.


Boxing keeps your heart at its entire splendour. Boxing, one of the most outstanding cardio exercises, can make your heart free of cholesterol and hypertension if you keep doing it under a trained boxer’s guidance.


  • Boxing Reduces Cortisol Level


What is Cortisol, you may ask?


Well, it is the stress hormone. That is what doctors; physiologists; nutritionists; fitness trainers, and boxers would like to call it.


It is dangerous for the health of your heart and other organs of the body. Added to that, this is alarming truth that stress might lead to mild depression And you do not want that. 


Boxing is one of those exercises that can make you have fun every moment you do it. As a bonus, you do justice to your mind, focus, body and stress management.


To Conclude: It Isn’t That Expensive to Start Boxing 

You will need a pair of boxing gloves and a subscription to the local gym or boxing centre, where you will get licensed boxers as trainers.


If you want to start boxing from home, buying some equipment will work fine. For beginners, you will need a pair of boxing gloves; hand wraps; a punching bag (and its variants such as punching bar; punching balls; spinning bar etc.). If these feel financially stressful, then get a quick loan from Dublin-based direct lenders.

And then start boxing to have good health and a lot of fun.