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Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach Marks the Factors Making St. Martin a Great Holiday Destination

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capital vacations myrtle beach
Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach Marks the Factors Making St. Martin a Great Holiday Destination
By admin February 28, 2023
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Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach


St. Martin is a Caribbean jewel known for its outstanding natural beauty. Located in the Eastern Caribbean, this island has fantastic weather all year long, and hence vacationers can always get the chance to relax on its sandy beaches and take a dip in the clear waters. A St. Martin holiday through Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach would allow people to explore verdant green hills surrounded by pristine turquoise sea, and spend a few relaxing days at the Caribbean.


Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach points out the factors that make St. Martin a perfect holiday spot


There are a number of things to do and experience at St. Maarten. People can go for diving and snorkeling to explore the local wildlife beneath the waves, including turtles, stingrays and dolphins. They can also head inland to check out the amazing scenery and the Sentry Hill zipline.  The French and Dutch sides of St. Martin Island have their own unique cultural marvels, which add to the appeal of this holiday destination.


Here are some of the best factors that make St. Martin a great holiday destination

  • Great shopping opportunities: St. Martin Island is duty free. As a result, people can find great bargains on electronics, jewelry, cosmetics, clothes and more here. The tax free prices make sure that one can go on fun-filled shopping spree without burning a hole in their pockets.
  • Diving and snorkeling experiences: At St. Martin, one would have many opportunities to go for diving and snorkeling to experience the underwater world. They will get to explore the reefs and wrecks in the island, the dynamic variety of marine life, beautiful reef systems and so on.
  • Happening nightlife: By the night time, St. Martin truly comes alive. There are more than a dozen of casinos and active bars, pubs and nightclubs here. Based on their preference, people may go for indoor or open-air partying spots, with vibrant music and great drinks, to enjoy an unforgettable Caribbean night out.
  • Pleasant weather: The Caribbean is known for its pleasant weather, and St. Martin is no exception. January to March is especially considered to be ideal for planning a holiday here through Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach. During the summers, one may experience a bit of a wet weather here. The typical maximum daytime temperatures at St. Martin range between 29-32°C (84-90°F).
  • Two in one culture travel: St. Martin provides a glimpse into the tale of two nations. Having dual heritage and customs, the island is a cosmopolitan hub, and allows travelers to soak in both French and Dutch cultures. In fact, people belonging to almost a hundred nationalities can be found at St. Martin.

Having plenty of open space that contrasts with the dramatic green mountains, St. Martin offers a variety of picturesque views. There are more than thirty different beaches to explore and enjoy out here, making it an ideal holiday spot for any person, no matter whether they are on a honeymoon or travelling solo.