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All you need to know about Liver Transplant

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liver transplant surgery in india
All you need to know about Liver Transplant
By admin July 26, 2022
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Rapidly growing medical tourism in India is offering numerous healthcare treatments and liver transplant surgeries are one of the common services offered by Indian doctors. The liver plays a very important role in the human body, performing around 500 functions in the body. Most of these activities are very essential to help the body function well. Liver functions for filtering blood and eliminating toxins, protein synthesis, metabolization of drugs, and producing bile. All these functions are important for the overall growth of the human body. The liver can lose its ability due to chronic diseases like Liver cancer and last-stage Cirrhosis. If the Liver fails to recover from these diseases, a Liver Transplant Surgery in India is the only possible way to improve the chance of survival. 


What is Liver Transplant


A Liver transplant is a surgical process where diseased Liver is replaced with a completely new liver or a part of an active and healthy liver. An individual who provides the Liver is called a donor. 


Why does one need a Liver Transplant


The liver is the largest internal organ of the body located on the right side of the belly, below the diaphragm. You might need a Liver Transplant if it is not functioning well. The liver does many important things for the human body like filtering nutrients from your food intake, making proteins, and helping your body to make energy. If your liver is unable to process these activities then your body might be dealing with liver failure. It may happen all of a sudden being an effect of viral hepatitis or drug-induced injury, chronic cirrhosis, alcohol overuse, hemochromatosis, antitrypsin deficiency, etc. 


Why choose India for liver transplants?


Medical tourism in India is developing at a great speed for any healthcare treatment in various Indian hospitals attracting patients from across the globe. The Indian government is also helping the hospitals with policies to enhance their medical tourism business. Some of the main reasons to choose India for Liver transplants are:




One of the major reasons Medical tourism in India is well known is for its affordability. Healthcare in India is not very expensive based on the position of the Indian rupee in the global market. High-end hospitals for liver transplants in India are cheaper in comparison to hospitals in other countries. 


World-class facilities:


Hospitals in India are well maintained and as good as hospitals in developed countries. Indian hospitals are expanding regularly to race with hospitals of other developed countries. In India, hospitals provide dedicated facilities for liver transplant patients. 


Latest technology:


Numerous Indian hospitals have their research centers, focusing on making human life better. They use the latest technologies for treatments and diagnoses for a liver transplants.


Indian doctors: 


Indian doctors are considered to be the best doctors in the world, living up to the patient’s expectations. Some doctors in India have experience with above 500 surgeries of a liver transplants.  

Possible Risks and complications

  1. It is a crucial operation with surgical risks and bleeding. 
  2. Some of the common complications after liver transplant surgery are infections and bile duct. 
  3. To suppress your immunity you will have to consume high-dose medications.
  4. Due to serious complications, you might have to go through another surgery. 
  5. High-dose of medications can cause side effects.
  6. Blood clots. 

Best hospitals for liver Transplants in India 


Calcutta: AMRI Hospitals Ltd, Charnock Hospital, and Apollo Gleneagles Hospital

Chennai: Fortis Malar Hospital Adyar, MGM healthcare, MIOT International, Apollo Hospital, MMS Hospital, Rela Institute & Medical Centre

Hyderabad: CARE Hospital-Banjara Hills, Apollo Health city 


Tips for Healthy Liver:


Check the list of ways you can avoid liver disease. Some of these are healthy lifestyle activities that you might implement anyway. 

  1. Consuming excess amounts of alcohol can begin to scar your liver. So drink alcohol in moderation.
  2. Have an active lifestyle. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to keep your liver healthy as it decreases stress on the liver. 
  3. Have a healthy diet. Consuming more fibre and less fatty food. High levels of cholesterol and fat in the blood can cause fatty liver disease. To avoid this disease you must consume high-fiber food like green vegetables, fruits, protein, and whole grains. 
  4. Excess weight is always an issue. Obesity is a major risk for developing fatty liver disease. You must follow a balanced diet regime along with regular workout sessions. 
  5. Watch out for medications. There are many cases where people experience liver diseases due to the consumption of supplements. Some medicines contain heavy metals and toxins which lead to liver toxicity affecting the regular functioning of the liver. 
  6. Beware of Hepatitis A, and B and C. Get vaccinated to avoid Hepatitis A and B which are viral liver infections. Hepatitis B and C can happen due to sexual contact, blood contact, or needles. This leads to destroying your liver. 
  7. Coming in contact with contaminated food and water can also spread Hepatitis A. 
  8. Cut down smoking. 


Liver transplant patients need to focus on good health and hygiene. Lifelong immunity suppressions are to be consumed by liver transplant patients. Doctors assure a good and normal life if good care and regular medications are taken.  

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