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6 Easy steps to Plan a trip to Bogota

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6 Easy steps to Plan a trip to Bogota
By admin July 21, 2022
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The majority of travelers frequently pass through Colombia’s capital city of Bogota on their way to other parts of the country to see. Since they are in the nation, they must pay a visit. There is also a tonne to do here. It includes some beautiful street art and very spectacular views. Numerous activities, walking tours, food tours, nightlife alternatives, and a fantastic foodie scene are available if you plan for Spirit Airlines booking to Bogota.

Book your tickets in advance

Bogota is a big city, and there are several reservations every month so make sure to book your tickets in advance. Check the official website of Spirit airlines to book a Spirit airlines ticket to Bogota.

The Best time to visit Bogota

The most fantastic time to visit Bogota is, without a doubt outside of its rainy seasons since the temperature is the same all year round. Both October and November and April through May are rainy months in Bogota.

The infrastructure can’t correctly handle it, so the streets quickly turn into rivers since I could have easily done the white water rafting down my road in the capital. 

The average annual temperature is roughly 18 degrees Celsius, with night time lows of about 10 degrees. The weather in Bogotá is mild and pleasant when it’s not raining, in my opinion.

What to pack for Bogota

Due to the constant temperature in Bogotá throughout the year, packing for a trip there is often not a problem. Bogotá has a pleasant and acceptable climate. According to the temperature, a pair of jeans and a jacket will be the most comfortable attire. Keep a raincoat, an umbrella, or anything else waterproof in case it rains. Waterproof shoes are a need. It is understandable why it is referred to as the city with four seasons in a single day. Consider the luggage policy of spirit airlines flight while packing your bags.

Carry only required cash

You can easily find ATMs here because Bogota is a large city. While travelling, you only need to carry what you really need in cash, but you should make sure you have enough in an emergency. Your backup plan should be to utilize one of the tiny ATM rooms you can locate along the street if there isn’t a nearby shopping center. These are sealed pods that prevent passersby from seeing your transaction. Try only to utilize ATMs that have a security guard on duty.

Be translator ready for non-English speakers

Depending entirely on the area of the city you are in. You will hear some English spoken in the famous La Candelaria neighborhood in the south and the affluent communities of Bogotá’s north, but don’t go expecting it. In non-touristy areas or places where inhabitants don’t have the luxury of private education and life is a bit more precarious, it’s uncommon to find any English. As the younger generations enter the workforce, this might change over the coming years.

But remember that in a foreign nation, it’s not a right to have everyone speak your language. The most fantastic way to prepare for a trip is always to learn a little Spanish.

Research about local food and Places

There are many things and activities to do in Bogota, so save your time by researching and making a list of your interests. You can take a self-guided tour that includes stops at three different eateries where you can sample local fare and beverages. The pickup and drop-off at your lodging are also included in the tours.