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5 Living Room Decor Tricks For A Standout Space

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living room decor tricks
5 Living Room Decor Tricks For A Standout Space
By admin November 17, 2022
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Living Room Decor Tricks 


Who doesn’t want to jazz up the heart of their home? The living room is where you enjoy watching movies, family get together, and helping children tackle their home tasks.


Since this place is a hub of many activities, it should be welcoming, contemporary, and above all, functional. A little planning will go a long way in your interior design journey.


You may come across a plethora of options when you think of designing or renovating your living room. But you may get intimidated before starting over. Here we have listed 5 tried and tested décor trips- a combination of functional designs and the latest trends that will spruce up your living space.


  • Tackle The Color Chemistry


First thing first- the shades of your living room walls say it all! The colors you choose will reflect the atmosphere of your home.


So it is crucial to choose the hues wisely by understanding the language of the colors. Colors that complement your personality, combinations that create harmony, and shades that jazz up your living room must be chosen.


You can go all for neutrals and play with light and dark shades and contrast your neutral theme. A whole white color for your living space looks elegant, but after some time, you may get bored with it.


Likewise, darker shades may throw that deserted “cave” feeling. So we recommend playing with different colors or tones to catch a dynamic look for your living room. If you don’t want to experiment with the palette, go for the black-and-white combination. This classic combination never fails!


  • Embrace The Curves

The elegance of curved furniture makes it your go-to style for living room décor. Besides throwing a soft look, a rounded table gives safety and protection vibes, just like you attain after getting a gas safety cp 12 certificate for your home.


Angular furniture is dangerous for your children and gives a more corporate feeling instead of a warm and cozy look.


If you have ample space, craft a quasi-circle in the center of your living room as a step further in your décor. Your guests will notice it when they enter your place and can enjoy the feeling of inclusiveness through accessible communication and direct eye contact.

The smooth corners of rounded furniture are both aesthetically and functionally appealing, so invest in round furniture to revamp your living room.


  • Go For Layers And Knits


If you are short of some fuzzy and warm throws and pillows, go get them now because they will do magic with your living room ambiance. The more you add layers and knits to your living space, the more you get an inviting and pacifying look.


Place them on your living room chairs and sofas to create different vibes and regulate the temperature. This is the best trick to hide the high ceilings and brick that give cold look to your living room.

An extra rug under the table, some colored pillows strategically scattered on the floor, and a few plain throws to your couches will give a gentle look to your home and the guest will undoubtedly enjoy your colorful room.


  • Don’t Forget The Rustic Addition


If you want to transform an ordinary living room into a chic, go for rustic touches in your space. Whether living in the city or the countryside, a rustic element will provide warm and cozy vibes.

The fashion repeats itself and this is evident from the trendy rustic look today. There was a time when the idea of wooden beams was so yesterday, but the last few years have taken a turn in the direction of rustic touches.


Nothing reflects the rustic touch like wooden beams. Winters are just kicking in, so a stone fireplace has to get a spot in your living room. From walls draped in wood to wooden floors and accents, you have numerous options for that subtle rustic look.


One more staple of winter décor is faux fur and the rug can easily be incorporated into your home to complement the rustic vibes. With wooden beams, neutral backdrops, and a white ceiling, you are all set to have a rustic aura in your home.


  • Welcome The Greens


“Welcome home,” plants in your living rooms say loudly. The more you imitate nature, the more you get warm and comfortable vibes. Many types of research have shown that houseplants improve cognitive functions, delight your mood, and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.


Above all, they look beautiful. What else will homeowners need if they have both a healthy and aesthetic aura in their place? Fill any unused corner of your living room with an oversized pot or you can also invest in small plants to be placed on the table.


The mission will be accomplished if you go for the right pot. For those hunting for rustic ambiance, use clay or wood pots and add your favorite plants. Alternatively, you can also consider classic woven baskets – colorful or neutral, up to your choice!

To Sum Up

The prestige of having a home where you feel safe and enjoy with your family is something you should appreciate all your life. From floor to ceiling, your home reflects your personality, so you must strive to imbue your home with your personal touch to make it unique!


While decorating your living room, choose the right colors, comfy furniture, and rustic accents. Use your creativity and add antiques that will liven up your space. While doing so, make sure not to turn your living room into a flea market.


The living room is a centerpiece of your home, so invest your attention and time to craft it perfectly to get a warm, welcoming, and gentle look.