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3 Best Beaches for Mind Refreshing

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3 best beaches for mind refreshing
3 Best Beaches for Mind Refreshing
By admin September 6, 2022
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 Best 3 Beaches for Mind Refreshing


Every time nature calls you for your vacation to spend the best moments of your life. Water is a stress reliever and increases serotonin levels which helps you to be happy in a moment. People love surfing, swimming, and taking a sun bath on the beach. Everyone has their own choices, some go for mountains rather than water and some love to go into the sea to see water creatures. After your hectic day, go to the seaside which is calm, pleasant, and smooth. Then take a deep breath and listen to the sound of waves and water talking with each other. People love to see the beauty from the bank of the ocean and enjoy the water waves. Mostly, I love to stay in apartments above the water and also see water creatures. 


Crystal clear, clean, artificial sand and rock beaches are getting famous day by day. Whenever you visit someplace like oceans, sea, beach, or lake, close your eyes and listen to the dancing water waves and breezy wind. It helps you to get out of your hectic routine to calm your imaginary world. There are many beaches you should visit but here are the best three of them for mind refreshing. 

  1. White Heaven Beach Australia

White heaven is considered as the world’s most beautiful beach with white silica sand which gives it a white color. It is located on Whitsunday Island. When waves kiss your feet and get back, melt your heart. When water touches the rock, it gives you the best sound and beautiful colors showers. Make your trip more interesting by a boat trip, spend a day on ferries or yachts. You can plan your trip and book the best resorts for your vacations by using the Agoda promo code.

  1. Bingin Beach Bali Indonesia

Bingin is located in Bali, an Indonesian island known for its amazing landscapes and beaches. It is also called “Heaven”. Many tourists visit this beach and never get disappointed.  It gives pleasure at late night with alluring waves, soothing weather, mild wind, and charming sky. Best place for sunbathing due to its low tides. Bingin is a dream place for surfers. You can also have the best candlelight dinner with your partner in restaurants located on the water having the best cuisines.  

  1. Mcvay Falls California

McVay falls is an 80 feet tall waterfall located in Sur, California. You can also experience gray whales there and many other creations. After parking your cars, you have to walk to get there and it is worth watching. When you decide to go there you just have to pack your camera gadgets to capture the beautiful scenery. Also, you can go camping there with your friends. It is not allowed to go down because of deathly places and patrols are always there to make sure everyone is safe there. You must have to visit McVay falls trails which are the best places for hiking. There are apartments and resorts at the entrance. A Beach trip is best to plan during summer vacations. For safety, you must bring water, a first aid box, and refreshing items with you.